Aarogya Setu Mobile App for iPhone & Android

Aarogya Setu Mobile App for iPhone & Android

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About Aarogya Setu Mobile App

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

Launched By Government Of India
App Name Aarogya Setu App (Coronavirus Government App India)
Motive Of App Tracing of Corona Virus-Infected People and High-Risk places
Current Version 1.0.3
Release Date 2nd April 2020
Application Size 3.6 Megabytes
Total Installation 1,000,000+
App Type Android/ iOS
Authority Of App NIC E-Gov Mobile Apps
Official Site mygov.in

Download Aarogya Setu Mobile App is now Free available on iPhone & iPad.

How to Download Aarogya Setu Mobile App?

Download the Aarogya Setu Mobile App becomes easy now through the App Store or Google Play. Here’s the step by step guide for how to download for the Aarogya Setu Mobile App.

Download Through the App Store or Google Play Store

  1. Download the Aarogya Setu App via the App Store or Google Play. You can also use one of the download options given on this webpage.
  2. Sign-up/ Login to the Aarogya Setu App.

Download Through MyGov.in Website

  1. Go to the MyGov.in website.
  2. Scan the barcode to Download Aarogya Setu App for iOS and Android. Available in 11 different languages

How to Use Aarogya Setu Mobile App?

  1. After you’ve successfully downloaded the app, allow it to access your device’s location, as prompted.
  2. You’ll get an OTP on your phone, enter it and you are on.
  3. Choose your gender from the options given.
  4. Enter your full name, age, and other details, as asked.
  5. Enter your foreign travel history in the last 30 days.
  6. After you have installed the Aarogya Setu app on your phone, it will detect other nearby smartphones that also have the app installed. It can then figure out the risk of
    infection based on sophisticated parameters if any of these contacts are tested positive.
  7. The basis of this calculation, which is done using Bluetooth, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Aarogya Setu Mobile App – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arogya Setu app?

The Aarogya setu mobile application uses smartphones’ location data and Bluetooth to see if a user has been near a COVID-19 infected person.

How authentic is the Aarogya Setu app?

As for authenticity it’s play protected and is not banned yet on the play store.

Why should you use Aarogya Setu?

Arogya Setu app is specifically designed to track the cases of Coronavirus, and it also tells us how much risk of Corona is there in our area.

Who developed the Arogya Setu app?

Arogya Setu app has been developed by the National Informatics Centre.

Is the Aarogya Setu app safe?

It’s genuine but completely relies on self-declaration.

What is the launch date of the Aarogya Setu Mobile App?

The launched date of the mobile Aarogya Setu Mobile App is 2nd April 2020.

How many people have downloaded this mobile app so far?

Almost 1000000+ people have downloaded it from the Google play store.