10 Best Face Moisturizers in India

Best Face Moisturizers in India

Every skin needs to be hydrated regardless of the skin type. It’s a myth that normal to oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer. It keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy.

Benefits of Face Moisturiser

  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Prevents dry, itchy and flaky skin.
  • Prevents wrinkles, fine lines and all other signs of aging.
  • Keeps the skin glowing.
  • Improves the texture of the skin.
  • Slows down the process of aging.

How to Use Face Moisturiser

  • Cleanse and Tone the face with products of your choice.
  • Take a generous amount of the moisturizer into palm.
  • Dot it all over the face and neck.
  • Massage in circular motions and blend it into the skin.
  • Reapply as when needed.

How to Choose a Face Moisturiser

Choosing a moisturizer according to one’s skin type is crucial. Normal to dry skin types should prefer heavy and rich oil or cream-based moisturizers whereas normal to oily skin types can go with water or gel-based moisturizers.

Best Face Moisturizers Available in India

1. NIVEA Soft Light Moisturizer with Vitamin C

Brand Name: NIVEA

Product Description

This water-based moisturizer from the brand NIVEA is a very light moisturizer which suits all skin types. The cream has Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which helps attain soft skin in single application. The moisturizer is light enough to be used in summer as well. It has a mild fragrance resembling the signature scent of NIVEA.

2. Lacto Calamine Face Lotion for Oil Balance

Brand Name: Lacto Calamine( By Piramal Healthcare)

Product Description

Lacto Calamine Oil Control Lotion is a face moisturizer which is suitable for combination skin types with oily T-zone and dry areas on the face. The lotion helps control the oil-production on the t-zone while providing adequate hydration up to 8 hours.

3. Olay Moisturizing Skin Cream

Brand Name: Olay

Product Description

This product from Olay is targeted to moisturize the skin along with fighting with aging. The moisturizer suits normal to combination skin types. It helps reduce the dryness of the skin by locking in its natural moisture which lasts up to 12 hours. The cream also claims to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and all other signs of aging.

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Brand Name: Neutrogena

Product Description

Neutrogena oil free moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer which is designed for combination skin. The product claims to gently moisturize the dry areas simultaneously controlling the oil and shine which is made possible with the oil absorbing microsponge. The product gives soft skin with a natural matte finish that lasts all day. The moisturizer being non-comedogenic doesn’t clog pores. It is alcohol-free and fragrance-free and is dermatologically tested.

5. L’Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh Anti-Shine gel

Brand Name: L’Oreal Paris

Product Description

This gel-based moisturizer comes with microsponges which absorb excess oil and sebum produced by the skin to keep it hydrated and mattifying at the same time. This moisturizer is suitable for Oily or Combination skin types. It gives long-lasting hydration implying to softer and mattified skin all day.

6. Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme

Brand Name: Lakme

Product Description

The Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme gives your skin a load of hydration with glossy skin. The moisturizer is packed with multivitamins which promote to well hydrated and healthy skin. The cream can also be used under makeup.

7. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Brand Name: Cetaphil

Product Description

The Cetaphil Moisturising cream is a basic moisturizer which keeps the skin well hydrated without making it greasy. This moisturizer is free from harmful chemicals and is non-comedogenic. It is dermatologically tested and proved safe for dry and sensitive skin types. It also helps to maintain skin’s natural moisture and pH levels.

8. Mamaearth Overnight Repair Cream

Brand Name: Mamaearth

Product Description

The Mamaearth Overnight Repair Cream is a water-based face moisturizer suitable for all skin types. The moisturizer hydrates the skin, boost collagen levels and also fights all signs of aging. The moisturizer repairs the skin of all its concerns and keeps it moisturized all through the night.

9. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Cream

Brand Name: Lotus Herbals

Product Description

The Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Cream is a lightweight face moisturizer which comes with a non-greasy formula. It is suitable for normal skin types. The cream comes with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Basil Leaf extract and almond oil which provides intense hydration and nourishment to the skin.

10. SebaMed Moisturising Cream

Brand Name: SebaMed

Product Description

The SebaMed Moisturising Cream is a lightweight moisturizer which is jam-packed with Vitamin E and various other ingredients which keeps the skin hydrated and elastic. It locks in the skin’s natural moisture and fights premature aging keeping the skin soft and supple.

FAQ: Best Face Moisturizers

1. What is the best face moisturizer?

There are various face moisturizers available for different skin types. One has to choose a moisturizer on the basis of the same. The above-furnished list can be used as a reference to find out the best suitable face moisturizer for your skin.

2. Is coconut oil good as a face moisturizer?

Yes, coconut oil can be an ideal substitute for face moisturizer. But it may not suit Oily or Combination skin types as coconut oil is a comedogenic oil, which means it can clog your pores. Clogged pores might lead to various nasty problems like acne, etc.,

3. What should I look for in a face moisturizer?

Look of moisturizers that are free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, PEG, etc.which might damage your skin in the long run. Look for skin-friendly ingredients based on your skin types. Oily skin types can choose gel-based or water-based light moisturizers whereas dry skin types can prefer oil-based moisturizers for intense hydration.

4. What is the best natural moisturizer?

A moisturizer must be chosen on the basis of one’s skin type. Normal to dry skin types can go with heavy and rich natural moisturizers like shea butter or olive oil whereas Normal to Oily skin types can prefer light, gel-based moisturizer like Aloe Vera.

5. Is Aloe Vera a good face moisturizer?

Yes, Aloe Vera acts as a really good face Moisturizer. It can be used as a natural moisturizer as aloe vera gel hydrates skin well without making it oily. It also soothes and cools sunburns or any skin irritation.


Regular usage of a face moisturizer is a must in order to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Face Moisturizers penetrate into your skin and provide adequate hydration to your skin to prevent dry, itchy and flaky skin which might lead to various signs of aging.


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