10 Best Keratin Shampoos in India

Best Keratin Shampoos in India

Last Updated on September 11, 2021 by Team FinderWheel

Keratin is the protein which makes hairs. It is primarily responsible for the formation of hairs, it also makes claws, nails and the upper layer of skin. Keratin when gets damaged ultimately damages this thing. Keratin treatment is needed at such time, it makes them strong and healthy. Keratin rich shampoo gives that nutrient and makes that Keratin better. Keratin rich shampoo comes in a lot of varieties. For you to get the best Keratin Shampoo we have got a list of top 10 Keratin Shampoo.

Benefits of Keratin Shampoo

  • Reduces Hairfall
  • Makes scalp healthy
  • Fights dandruff
  • Cleans both scalp and hair
  • Adds volume to hairs
  • Improves overall texture
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Makes hair strong
  • Prevents split ends
  • Makes hair soft

How To Use Keratin Shampoo

  1. Wet your hairs
  2. Squeeze out a dime-shaped amount
  3. Rub on hands to spread evenly
  4. Apply on your hairs and scalp
  5. Gently massage
  6. Form a lather
  7. Rinse thoroughly

How To Choose The Best Shampoo For You

  • Observe your hairs
  • Know the type, it is dry, normal or oily
  • Observe your scalp as well
  • Recall if you have any allergy
  • Look for the benefits you need from the shampoo
  • Get the one, use it, if results are good, continue, otherwise look for another shampoo.
  • Use conditioner as well as oil regularly for better hairs

Best Keratin Shampoo Available In India

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Brand: TRESemme

Product Description

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo comes with Keratin Protein which repairs the hairs and makes them smooth and manageable for 48 hours. It is low on sulfate and is good for natural as well as chemically treated hairs.

2. Rivona Naturals Keratin Protein Shampoo

Brand: Rivona

Product Description

Rivona Naturals Keratin Protein Shampoo has hydrolyzed Keratin Protein along with Argan and many other ingredients which all make the hair stronger and healthier. It is 100% natural and suits all types of hairs.

3. Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Duo

Brand: Keratin Complex

Product Description

Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Duo is a gentle shampoo for hairs that are coloured. It maintains the colour that you got and keeps it for long while caring for your hairs.

4. WOW Skin Science Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo

Brand: WOW

Product Description

WOW Skin Science Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo is enriched with Charcoal to deeply clean the hairs and scalp. It also has Jojoba, Argan and many other ingredients that improve the health of hair. It is sulphate and paraben-free.

5. Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo

Brand: Satthwa

Product Description

Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo has Argan, Coconut and Jojoba Oil which improve the overall texture of hairs. It is sulphate free, paraben-free and alcohol free. Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

7. Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo

Brand: Wella SP

Product Description

Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo has Keratin along with Argan and Jojoba which is good for hairs. It is a mild shampoo and gives the hairs the needed nutrients.

8. Ogx Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

Brand: Ogx

Product Description

Ogx Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo has all the qualities required in a shampoo, be it hair growth, dandruff removal or stronger, smoother hairs. Ogx Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo is the one stop for all your hair issues.

9. Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo

Brand: Body Cupid

Product Description

Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo has hydrolyzed Keratin with Almond Oil and other ingredients which make hairs better. It is Vegan, sulphate and paraben-free which makes it very soft and smooth for all types of hairs.

10. Khadi Global Keratin Power And Bhringraj Herbal Hair Shampoo

Brand: Khadi Global

Product Description

Khadi Global Keratin Power and Bhringraj Herbal Hair Shampoo has Keratin and Bhringraaj in it which give hairs the nutrients they need. It has deep conditioning properties which makes hairs softer. The shampoo is also sulphate and paraben-free.

FAQs: Best Keratin Shampoos

1. Are Keratin Shampoos Good For Your Hair?

Yes, Keratin Shampoo are good for hairs. Keratin is the protein from which hairs are made. This protein when donot gets produced in good quality gives hair issues. Keratin rich shampoo work on this protein and make the hairs better.

2. Does Keratin Help Hair Growth?

Yes, Keratin is the ingredient behind hair development. It makes hairs and when it donot gets supplied to hairs adequately, hairs start breaking and loosing health. Keratin thus is needed to have a better hair growth.

3. Will Keratin Shampoo Straighten My Hair?

No, Keratin Shampoo cannot straighten your hairs as Keratin is the building force behind hairs, it donot decides the texture and type of hairs you are gonna have. It is decided by genes that what types of hairs you are going to have. To get straight hairs, use a straightener or get a treatment.

4. Can Keratin Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out?

No, Keratin will not make your hairs fall out. Keratin makes hairs, it never breaks hairs. Keratin Shampoo will make your hairs stronger and better instead of breaking of your hairs.

5. Can Keratin Give You Cancer?

No, Keratin will not give you cancer, it is something which body has it with itself. Keratin makes hairs. It is a protein which makes hairs.


Keratin rich Shampoo gives hairs the needed benefits, it is the protein which the body produces to make hairs, Shampoos with Keratin further help in supplying this protein along with other ingredients to make hairs better.