Country Names That Start with M

Country Names That Start with M

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List of Country Names That Starting with the Letter M

Check out a full alphabetical list of the country names that begin with M letter for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids. Learn about all the countries of the world that starting with the letter M, their capitals, and country codes with the help of BuyingJunction’s Country Names Finder.

Alphabetical List of Countries of the World that Begin With M

Check out this alphabetical list of every independent nation and its capital:

Country Name Capital Official Name ISO3 ISO2
Madagascar Antananarivo The Republic of Madagascar MDG MG
Malawi Lilongwe The Republic of Malawi MWI MW
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia MYS MY
Maldives Male The Republic of Maldives MDV MV
Mali Bamako The Republic of Mali MLI ML
Malta Valletta The Republic of Malta MLT MT
Marshall Islands Majuro The Republic of The Marshall Islands MHL MH
Mauritania Nouakchott The Islamic Republic of Mauritania MRT MR
Mauritius Port Louis The Republic of Mauritius MUS MU
Mexico Mexico City The United Mexican States MEX MX
Micronesia Palikir The Federated States of Micronesia FSM FM
Monaco Monaco The Principality of Monaco MCO MC
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolia MNG MN
Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro MNE ME
Morocco Rabat The Kingdom of Morocco MAR MA
Mozambique Maputo The Republic of Mozambique MOZ MZ
Myanmar Naypyidaw The Republic of The Union of Myanmar MMR MM

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All Countries List Starting with Letters A-Z

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