Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances Review

Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances Review

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Product Snapshot

  • Iris is a company that has launched India’s very own line of natural but affordable home fragrances.
  • Its reed diffuser is one of the most environment-friendly and safe product, with no by-products like fly ash, or need for burning, or maintenance requirements.
  • Its use of natural diffuser and fragrance oils make it the perfect product to be used at home for people of all ages, and pets.
  • Lavender fragrance has a relaxing effect on the mind, body and overall health.

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About Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances

Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances is a natural fragrance based diffuser, which works through capillary action. The half-submerged reeds have pores that carry the scent from the essential oil and disperse it to the surrounding. This product uses lavender fragrance which serves the dual purpose of not just keeping the room fresh, but also my calming the senses and the body. Without chemicals, it is safe for use in the house, even in the presence of children and pets. Since it gives off no fly ash and does not require fire (for burning), it is indeed an eco-friendly, low maintenance product.

Benefits of Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances

  • The diffuser is said to release aromatic and therapeutic fragrances which are comparable to that of essential oils.
  • Cold diffusion of the lavender fragrance makes sure that the delicate balance of the oil’s chemical structure is maintained.
  • The fragrance is said to linger for about 24 hours, making the room and house smell fresh and calming.
  • The manufactured reeds are made from the finest porous material which promotes quick diffusion by the capillary action.

Key Ingredient

1) Lavender


Lavender fragrance is the key ingredient used. Lavender oil has been well-documented over the centuries to have an anti-microbial, anti-depressive and calming effect on the body. They have been used cosmetically as well as for therapeutic purposes since time immemorial. In contemporary times, Lavender oil has proven to be an anxiety-reliever, taking care of your emotional health. Smelling this is also said to reduce pain, cure headaches, and improve maintain function and memory. Some researchers have found that inhaling it for as less as 15 minutes reduce pain associated with a migraine. It also helps to improve sleep quality, indirectly restoring the body’s health.

How to Use

  • Pour the oil into the ceramic pot.
  • Half submerge as many reeds as you feel you require at a particular occasion or time.
  • Keep it in the room or desired place.
  • Wait for 4-6 hours to smell its full potent.

Why use this Product

  • Store-bought fragrances often contain several harmful substances like phthalates that have been proven to cause a disruption in the hormones as well as the reproductive system of the body. In children, they may cause permanent neurological damages as well. Hence, a natural fragrance based diffuser is a much better alternative.
  • Iris is a company seeking to revolutionize the home fragrance line, by introducing products that are safer for your mind and body. With the motive of going natural for the home, they are trustable to provide us with a pure and safe product.
  • Iris Reed Diffuser Lavender Home Fragrances uses reeds as natural diffusers, that is a good alternative to fly ash or home fragrances that need burning. It has no maintenance cost and is durable. Hence, this product is quite reasonable in its prices.

Physical Attributes

  • Smell: It has a lavender fragrance.
  • Colour: It is violet/purple in color.
  • Each set contains a Reed Diffuser Refill Pack, 16 Reeds (10 inches each) and 100 ml of diffuser oil.


  • Certain fragrances may cause an allergic reaction when inhaled.
  • Please test the product for the same before use.

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