List of Governors of Nebraska

Governors of Nebraska

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Are you looking for the Governors of Nebraska? Here is the list of all the Governors of Nebraska from beginning to present with their tenure and respective political party name.

Nebraska Governors List

Here is a list of governors of the US state of Governors of Nebraska by Party Name and Tenure Periods.

Sr. No. Governor Name
Term Start Term End Party
1 David Butler 21 February 1867 2 June 1871 Republican
2 William H. James (acting) 2 June 1871 13 January 1873 Republican
3 Robert Wilkinson Furnas 13 January 1873 11 January 1875 Republican
4 Silas Garber 11 January 1875 9 January 1879 Republican
5 Albinus Nance 9 January 1879 4 January 1883 Republican
6 James W. Dawes 4 January 1883 6 January 1887 Republican
7 John Milton Thayer 6 January 1887 8 February 1892 Republican
8 James E. Boyd 8 February 1892 13 January 1893 Democratic
9 Lorenzo Crounse 13 January 1893 3 January 1895 Republican
10 Silas A. Holcomb 3 January 1895 5 January 1899 Fusion (Democratic/Populist)
11 William A. Poynter 5 January 1899 03-Jan-01 Fusion (Democratic/Populist)
12 Charles H. Dietrich 03-Jan-01 01-May-01 Republican
13 Ezra P. Savage 01-May-01 08-Jan-03 Republican
14 John H. Mickey 08-Jan-03 03-Jan-07 Republican
15 George L. Sheldon 03-Jan-07 07-Jan-09 Republican
16 Ashton C. Shallenberger 07-Jan-09 05-Jan-11 Democratic
17 Chester H. Aldrich 05-Jan-11 09-Jan-13 Republican
18 John H. Morehead 09-Jan-13 04-Jan-17 Democratic
19 Keith Neville 04-Jan-17 09-Jan-19 Democratic
20 Samuel R. McKelvie 09-Jan-19 03-Jan-23 Republican
21 Charles W. Bryan 03-Jan-23 08-Jan-25 Democratic
22 Adam McMullen 08-Jan-25 03-Jan-29 Republican
23 Arthur J. Weaver 03-Jan-29 08-Jan-31 Republican
24 Charles W. Bryan 08-Jan-31 03-Jan-35 Democratic
25 Robert Leroy Cochran 03-Jan-35 09-Jan-41 Democratic
26 Dwight Griswold 09-Jan-41 09-Jan-47 Republican
27 Val Peterson 09-Jan-47 08-Jan-53 Republican
28 Robert B. Crosby 08-Jan-53 06-Jan-55 Republican
29 Victor E. Anderson 06-Jan-55 08-Jan-59 Republican
30 Ralph G. Brooks † 08-Jan-59 09-Sep-60 Democratic
31 Dwight W. Burney 09-Sep-60 05-Jan-61 Republican
32 Frank B. Morrison 05-Jan-61 05-Jan-67 Democratic
33 Norbert T. Tiemann 05-Jan-67 07-Jan-71 Republican
34 J. James Exon 07-Jan-71 04-Jan-79 Democratic
35 Charles Thone 04-Jan-79 06-Jan-83 Republican
36 J. Robert Kerrey 06-Jan-83 09-Jan-87 Democratic
37 Kay A. Orr [8] 09-Jan-87 09-Jan-91 Republican
38 Ben Nelson 09-Jan-91 07-Jan-99 Democratic
39 Mike Johanns 07-Jan-99 20-Jan-05 Republican
40 Dave Heineman 20-Jan-05 08-Jan-15 Republican
41 Pete Ricketts 08-Jan-15 Incumbent Republican

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