Soulflower Olive Oil for Skin Review

Soulflower Olive Oil for Skin Review

Last Updated on June 18, 2021 by Team FinderWheel

Soulflower Olive Oil for Skin

  • 100% natural
  • Paraben-free
  • Cold pressed
  • Carrier Oil
  • Pocket-friendly

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About Soulflower Olive Oil

Soulflower Olive Oil is a carrier oil which is 100% natural and paraben-free, Soulflower Olive Oil is suitable for all, be it sensitive skin or normal. This oil serves all of them. Its extracted from olives by pressing them in a temperature regulated atmosphere which keeps the nutrients of the oil as it is, cold pressing is a good technique to extract oil from oilseeds and having those nutrients as it is, without losing an iota of it.

Benefits of Soulflower Olive Oil

  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for all skin
  • Has anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Fights free radicals as it contains antioxidants
  • Massage on eyebrows to get thicken them
  • Cures dandruff
  • Prevents hair dryness and frizziness
  • Heals cracked skin
  • Cures chapped lips
  • Can be used as cuticle oil
  • Can be used as a shaving base
  • Heals dry skin
  • Removes make-up (read more about natural DIY makeup removers)
  • Adds glow to skin
  • Softens skin
  • Can be used as a moisturizer
  • Can be used in face mask and hair mask which makes them soft and glowing
  • Use with jojoba oil or sunflower oil for added benefits

Key Ingredient of Soulflower Olive Oil

1) Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the one the and only ingredient in this product, being cold pressed, this product retains all the nutrients which oilve seeds contain. Olive Oil is known for its health benefits, it is a very healthy cooking oil, beside being a healthy cooking oil, olive oil has manh other uses as well. It makes hairs and skin both healthy. Olive Oil is a carrier oil, it can be used alone as well as by mixing with other oils as well.

How to use Soulflower Olive Oil

  • Wash your face
  • Get some drop in your hand
  • Gently rub but don’t do it much
  • Pat on the skin
  • Target areas of concern more
  • Apply twice a day

Who is it for

  • Skin type- Suitable for all
  • Gender- Can be used by all genders
  • Age- teenage to adult all can use it, not for children
  • Concerns- dry skin, chapped lips, thin eyebrows, dry hairs

Physical Attributes

  • Texture- Oily non-greasy texture
  • Smell- no smell
  • Colour- light green to golden


The product comes in a flattened plastic bottle, it is transparent so one can have an idea of how much product is left. The cap is green in colour and is flip-top. The packaging is easy to grip and due to its cap, the bottle is spill-free and is travel-friendly.

Side Effects of Soulflower Olive Oil

  • Its bitter in taste so apply carefully on lips
  • Do a patch test to ensure you don’t have allergy from Olive Oil

About Soulflower

Soulflower is an Indian brand which has carved a niche in the natural product market of personal care, Soulflower has unique ideas of products and marketing they place them according to star-signs and also care for animals. They have furry companions in their office as well. Soulflower is fastly growing its horizon and is excellent for personal care products.