StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil Review


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StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Oil

  • 100% natural
  • No added ingredients
  • Cold pressed
  • Concentrated oil
  • Multi-purpose oil

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About StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Oil

Oiling is an age-old way to maintain our skin and hairs in a healthy state. Oiling has always been encouraged and we have spent quite a time to find such an oil which will nourish each and every part of our body, well, Jojoba Oil is just the result of the search and StBotanica golden virgin pure jojoba oil is the ultimate product which you are looking for, StBotanica golden virgin pure jojoba oil can be called as the one man army of all the natural oils present, it is cold pressed, 100% pure Jojoba Oil with all its nutrients locked in the oil itself due to it being virgin. StBotanica golden virgin pure jojoba oil has no other ingredient other than Jojoba Oil, it’s completely vegan and comes in nice packaging. St Botanica golden virgin pure jojoba oil has multiple uses, nourish your hairs, skin, cuticles, use it in beard-care or as a carrier oil, StBotanica golden virgin pure jojoba oil come handy in every venture of yours.

Benefits of StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Oil

  • 100% pure Jojoba Oil
  • No other ingredients
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Cares for beard
  • Emollient in nature
  • Nourishes skin, hairs, and cuticles
  • Makes scalp healthy
  • Safe for children
  • Excellent make-up remover, even good for removing eye-makeup
  • Can be used as a carrier oil
  • Can be used as an after-shave lotion
  • Unclogs pores
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Hypo-allergic

Key Ingredient of StBotanica Pure Jojoba Oil

1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is an essential oil, it is procured by the seeds of Jojoba tree. It is emollient in nature and has high vitamin E content which is very good for skin-health and having healthy hairs. Jojoba Oil has many uses and can be used anywhere on the body. It moistures skin, unclogs pores, cares for beard and is a soft make-up remover.

How to Use StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Oil

  • Take amount for your skin or hairs
  • Apply thoroughly
  • Massage
  • Use it as a carrier oil
  • Use it beard care

Who is it for

  • Age- Suitable for all, even for children
  • Skin-suits all skin types
  • Gender- Can be used by all genders
  • Concern- Dry skin, dull skin, unhealthy skin, dry or cracked cuticles, unhealthy scalp.

Physical Attributes

  • Colour- Golden
  • Smell- Smell of Jojoba
  • Texture- light, non-greasy


The product comes in a green bottle which is transparent. It has a flip-top cap which is very good, it seals the product efficiently. The product is lightweight and easy to carry. It is easy to use and is travel-friendly.

StBotanica Golden Virgin Pure Jojoba Oil Side Effects

  • Ensure that you are not allergic to Jojoba Oil

About StBotanica

StBotanica is an international brand which provides all natural products which include a wide range of serums, oils, shampoos, and other products. St Botanica is a highly acclaimed brand and provides very quality products.


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