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100 Synonyms & Antonyms of Beautiful

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Synonyms and Antonyms Words: A Comprehensive Guide

What are Synonyms?

Synonyms are words that have similar or identical meanings. They are a useful tool in writing and speaking because they allow you to avoid repetition and add variety to your language. For example, instead of using the word “happy” repeatedly, you can use its synonyms such as “joyful,” “content,” “pleased,” and “delighted.”

Here are some more examples of synonyms:

  • Good: Great, Excellent, Superb, Outstanding, Wonderful
  • Big: Large, Huge, Massive, Enormous, Immense
  • Cold: Chilly, Frigid, Freezing, Icy, Frosty

Using synonyms can not only make your writing or speech more interesting, but it can also help you avoid sounding monotonous or repetitive.

What are Antonyms?

Antonyms, on the other hand, are words that have opposite meanings. They are useful when you want to express a contrasting idea or emphasize a difference. For example, if you want to describe someone who is not only happy but also sad, you can say they are “happy” and “miserable” at the same time.

Here are some more examples of antonyms:

  • Hot: Cold, Cool, Icy, Chilly, Frigid
  • Good: Bad, Poor, Inferior, Substandard, Defective
  • Light: Heavy, Dark, Dull, Gloomy, Murky

Using antonyms can help you emphasize a contrast, create a more nuanced meaning, and add depth to your writing or speech.

Beauty is a subjective concept, and people have different opinions on what is beautiful. However, there are many synonyms and antonyms of the word “beautiful” that can help you express your thoughts and opinions more precisely. Here are 100 synonyms and antonyms of “beautiful” in alphabetical order:

Synonyms of  Beautiful in English

List of 100 Synonyms of Beautiful Words in English

  1. Adorable: inspiring love or affection
  2. Alluring: attractive, charming
  3. Angelic: having the qualities of an angel, pure and kind
  4. Appealing: attractive or interesting
  5. Arresting: attracting attention
  6. Artistic: having qualities of beauty and creativity
  7. Attractive: pleasing to the eye or mind
  8. Beauteous: poetic or literary synonym for beautiful
  9. Bewitching: enchanting, captivating
  10. Blissful: happy and serene, radiating beauty
  11. Captivating: fascinating or enchanting
  12. Charming: pleasant, attractive
  13. Classical: elegant, graceful, and harmonious
  14. Comely: pleasing in appearance
  15. Cute: charming, attractive, and appealing
  16. Dazzling: shining brightly, impressive
  17. Delicate: fragile, elegant, and beautiful
  18. Divine: heavenly, spiritual, and beautiful
  19. Dreamy: having a magical or unreal beauty
  20. Elegant: graceful, refined, and sophisticated
  21. Enchanting: charming, alluring, and fascinating
  22. Endearing: inspiring affection or admiration
  23. Engaging: charming, attractive, and delightful
  24. Enticing: attractive, inviting, and tempting
  25. Ethereal: light, delicate, and heavenly
  26. Exquisite: beautifully made, finely detailed
  27. Fascinating: interesting, intriguing, and captivating
  28. Fetching: charming, attractive, and pleasing
  29. Fine: of high quality, excellent
  30. Glamorous: stylish, attractive, and alluring
  31. Gorgeous: very beautiful, stunning
  32. Graceful: elegant, flowing, and beautiful
  33. Grand: impressive, magnificent, and beautiful
  34. Handsome: attractive, pleasing to the eye
  35. Harmonious: pleasing to the ear or eye, balanced
  36. Heavenly: divine, spiritual, and beautiful
  37. Idyllic: peaceful, perfect, and beautiful
  38. Impressive: having a strong impact, striking
  39. Intoxicating: exciting, overwhelming, and beautiful
  40. Lovely: beautiful, delightful, and charming
  41. Luminous: glowing, radiant, and beautiful
  42. Magnificent: splendid, grand, and impressive
  43. Majestic: grand, impressive, and beautiful
  44. Mesmerizing: captivating, enchanting, and fascinating
  45. Picturesque: visually attractive, like a painting
  46. Pleasing: satisfying, attractive, and agreeable
  47. Precious: valuable, beautiful, and rare
  48. Radiant: shining brightly, cheerful and beautiful
  49. Ravishing: stunningly beautiful and attractive
  50. Resplendent: shining, magnificent, and beautiful
  51. Romantic: charming, poetic, and beautiful
  52. Serene: peaceful, calm, and beautiful
  53. Stunning: impressively beautiful or attractive
  54. Sublime: grand, elevated, and beautiful
  55. Superb: excellent, of the highest quality
  56. Symmetrical: balanced, harmonious, and beautiful
  57. Tantalizing: tempting, attractive, and alluring
  58. Tempting: attractive, inviting,
  1. Transcendent: beyond ordinary, surpassing beauty
  2. Unforgettable: memorable, impressive, and beautiful
  3. Unique: one of a kind, distinctive, and beautiful
  4. Venerable: respected, admired, and beautiful
  5. Vibrant: lively, colorful, and beautiful
  6. Vivacious: lively, energetic, and beautiful
  7. Winsome: charming, attractive, and delightful
  8. Wonderful: amazing, excellent, and beautiful

Antonyms of  Beautiful in English

List of 100 Antonyms of Beautiful Words in English

  1. Ugly: unattractive, unpleasant
  2. Abhorrent: repulsive, disgusting
  3. Abominable: detestable, disgusting
  4. Awful: terrible, unpleasant
  5. Bad: unpleasant, unappealing
  6. Beastly: unpleasant, repulsive
  7. Deformed: misshapen, unattractive
  8. Disgusting: repulsive, nauseating
  9. Dreadful: terrible, unpleasant
  10. Frightful: shocking, alarming
  11. Ghastly: terrifying, horrifying
  12. Grim: bleak, unattractive
  13. Grotesque: distorted, bizarre
  14. Hideous: extremely ugly, repulsive
  15. Homely: plain, unattractive
  16. Horrid: horrible, unpleasant
  17. Inelegant: clumsy, unattractive
  18. Lousy: poor, unattractive
  19. Mediocre: ordinary, unremarkable
  20. Miserable: unhappy, unpleasant
  21. Nasty: unpleasant, unappealing
  22. Offensive: repulsive, insulting
  23. Ordinary: common, unremarkable
  24. Plain: simple, unadorned
  25. Repellent: repulsive, unappealing
  26. Repugnant: disgusting, offensive
  27. Revolting: disgusting, sickening
  28. Rough: unpolished, unrefined
  29. Unappealing: unattractive, dull
  30. Unattractive: not pleasing to the eye
  31. Unbecoming: not fitting, unflattering
  32. Uncomely: unattractive, unappealing
  33. Ungraceful: awkward, clumsy
  34. Unhandsome: unattractive, unpleasant
  35. Unlovely: unattractive, unpleasant
  36. Unpleasant: not enjoyable, disagreeable
  37. Unsightly: unattractive, unpleasant


This list of 100 synonyms and antonyms of beautiful can help you describe people, places, or things with more precision and nuance. Whether you want to express admiration, awe, or disgust, there’s a word on this list that can help you do it. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and different people have different standards of beauty. However, by using these synonyms and antonyms, you can add more depth and variety to your writing or speech.

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