American-samoan Surnames or Last Names with Meanings

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List of Common American-samoan Last Names with Meanings

Find here a list of the most common and famous American-samoan surnames for baby boys, girls, and families. Go ahead and pick one that you think will work best last name for you.

Yandall Sagapolutele
Mailo Ale
Suani Sefo
Leiato Felise
Fale Elisara
Sio Mamea
Magalei Fanene
Nomura Fruean
Fano Solaita
Tilo Moliga
Tupuola Sunia
Ieremia Lefiti
Tupua Tanielu
Danielson Puletasi
Pago Lui
Tasi Savea
Hunkin Scanlan
Lutu Maiava
Tagaloa Lafaele
Satele Samuelu
Mageo Faumuina
Leota Mauga
Tuigamala Ioane

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