Surnames Or Last Names

Surnames, also known as last names, are an essential part of our identity. They are a representation of our heritage, culture, and family history. Understanding the meaning and origins of our surnames can provide us with a deep insight into our roots and ancestry. In this article, we will explore the history and significance of surnames, and delve into the meanings behind some of the most common surnames around the world.

Surnames or Last Names by Country of Origin

Here we have listed thousands of surnames from around the world. You’re bound to find the origin of your last name here!

Abkhazian Surnames   Macanese Surnames  
Afghan Surnames   Macedonian Surnames  
Albanian Surnames   Malagasy Surnames  
Algerian Surnames   Malawian Surnames  
American Samoan Surnames Malaysian Surnames  
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Angolan Surnames   Malinese Surnames  
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Dominican Surnames   Barthelemois Surnames  
Timorese Surnames   Saint Helenian Surnames
Ecuadorian Surnames   Kittitian or Nevisian Surnames
Egyptian Surnames   Saint Lucian Surnames
Salvadoran Surnames   Saint-Martinoise Surnames  
English Surnames   Saint-Pierrais or Miquelonnais Surnames
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Estonian Surnames   Sammarinese Surnames  
Ethiopian Surnames   São Toméan Surnames
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Gambian Surnames   Solomon Island Surnames
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German Surnames   South African Surnames
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Jordanian Surnames   American Surnames  
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Kenyan Surnames   Uzbekistani Surnames  
Kiribati Surnames   Vanuatuan Surnames  
Kosovar Surnames   Vatican Surnames  
Kuwaiti Surnames   Venezuelan Surnames  
Kyrgyzstani Surnames   Vietnamese Surnames  
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Basotho Surnames

Surnames Starting With A to Z Letter

Surnames starting with A to Z, are an important part of the English language, and they represent a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. Here are some of the most popular surnames starting with each letter:

We hope you found the most popular last names you are interested in and, follow the links for further information. We’ll go through all of our most popular surnames in alphabetical order.