How to Say “Good Night” in Different Languages

How to Say Good Night in Different Languages

Saying “good night” is a way to wish someone a pleasant evening and restful sleep. It can be used as a farewell at the end of the day or as a closing greeting before going to bed. Knowing how to say “good night” in different languages can help you connect with people from various cultural backgrounds and convey warmth and good wishes. In this guide, we provide a list of languages and the most common ways to say “good night” around the world.

100 Ways To Say “Good Night” Around The World

Want more? Here is a list of different ways to say “Good Night” in many languages:

Language Different Ways to Say “Good Night”
English Good night
Spanish Buenas noches
French Bonne nuit
German Gute Nacht
Italian Buona notte
Portuguese Boa noite
Chinese (Mandarin) 晚安 (Wǎn’ān)
Japanese おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai)
Korean 잘 자요 (Jal jayo)
Russian Спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi)
Arabic تصبح على خير (Tisbah ala khair)
Hindi शुभ रात्रि (Shubh raatri)
Turkish İyi geceler
Dutch Welterusten
Swedish God natt
Greek Καληνύχτα (Kalinýhta)
Polish Dobranoc
Hebrew לילה טוב (Laila tov)
Thai ราตรีสวัสดิ์ (Ratree sawat)
Vietnamese Chúc ngủ ngon
Indonesian Selamat malam
Swahili Usiku mwema
Filipino (Tagalog) Magandang gabi
Bengali শুভরাত্রি (Shubho ratri)
Punjabi ਸੁੱਠਾ ਰਾਤ (Suṭhā rāt)


Saying “good night” is a kind and considerate way to end the day and wish someone restful sleep. By learning how to say “good night” in different languages, you can communicate effectively and warmly with people from diverse backgrounds. Practice using these phrases to bring comfort and a sense of connection to others as the day comes to a close!