Cora Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Are you looking for the Cora’s name meanings? Discover the meaning of the name Cora and its origin, similar names, nicknames, variations, numerology numbers, popularity trends, and famous people with the name.

What Does Cora Mean?

Cora is a name that embodies vitality and maidenhood. Derived from Greek origins, it signifies “maiden” or “maiden’s heart.” The name encapsulates a sense of youthful vigor and purity.

What Is the Origin of the Name Cora?

The name Cora finds its roots in Greek mythology and means “maiden” or “virgin.” It was popularized in English-speaking countries in the 19th century, reflecting an appreciation for names with classical origins.

How Popular Is the Name Cora?

Cora has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It’s a name that combines classic appeal with a touch of modernity, gaining attention for its simplicity and grace.

How Do I Pronounce Cora?

The name Cora is pronounced as “KOR-uh,” with the stress on the first syllable, “KOR.” It has a short and crisp sound.

Is Cora a Boy or Girl Name?

Cora is predominantly used as a feminine name. While there are rare instances of it being used for boys, it is most commonly given to girls.

Variations of Cora

  1. Coralie: A French variation of Cora.
  2. Coraline: A name with a touch of elegance and modernity.
  3. Corinne: A name with Greek origins meaning “maiden.”
  4. Coral: A name directly derived from the word “coral.”
  5. Cordelia: A name meaning “daughter of the sea.”
  6. Coretta: A name with a strong and independent sound.
  7. Corisande: A name with a rare and unique charm.
  8. Corabel: A combination of Cora and Belle, meaning “beautiful maiden.”
  9. Corella: A name denoting strength and purity.
  10. Corvina: A name with a melodic and unique appeal.

Nicknames for Cora

  1. Coco: A trendy and affectionate diminutive of Cora.
  2. Cory: A unisex shortened version of the name.
  3. Ria: A short and sweet shortened form.
  4. Cora-Belle: A creative fusion of Cora and Belle.
  5. Corie: A playful and modern variation.
  6. Coral: A name directly derived from the word “coral.”
  7. Corky: A playful and spirited nickname.
  8. Cora-Lee: A fusion of Cora and Lee.
  9. Cor: A simple and direct shortened form.
  10. Cora Mae: A combination of Cora and Mae, signifying purity.

Similar Names to Cora

  1. Nora: A name with a similar vintage charm.
  2. Clara: A name with a touch of classic beauty.
  3. Aurora: A name meaning “dawn” or “light.”
  4. Eleanor: A name meaning “bright” and “shining one.”
  5. Flora: A name denoting flowers and nature.
  6. Lena: A name with a soft and elegant sound.
  7. Maeve: A name meaning “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates.”
  8. Isla: A name signifying “island” or peacefulness.
  9. Aria: A name meaning a melody or air in music.
  10. Daphne: A name associated with bay trees and victory.

Middle Names for Cora

  1. Cora Jane: Jane signifies grace and is a classic choice.
  2. Cora Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a name of royal heritage.
  3. Cora Louise: Louise means “renowned warrior.”
  4. Cora Rose: Rose symbolizes love and beauty.
  5. Cora Mae: Mae means “pearl” and signifies purity.
  6. Cora Grace: Grace signifies elegance and divine favor.
  7. Cora Kate: Kate is a name meaning pure.
  8. Cora Lynn: Lynn means “lake” and denotes serenity.
  9. Cora Faith: Faith represents trust and belief.
  10. Cora Pearl: Pearl signifies purity and wisdom.

Sibling Names for Cora

For Sisters:

  1. Nora: A name with a vintage charm similar to Cora.
  2. Clara: A name with classic beauty like Cora.
  3. Eleanor: A name signifying brightness and beauty.
  4. Maeve: A name meaning “she who intoxicates.”
  5. Aurora: A name representing light and dawn.
  6. Isla: A name signifying peace and calmness.
  7. Lena: A name with an elegant and soft sound.
  8. Aria: A name meaning a melody in music.
  9. Daphne: A name associated with victory and beauty.
  10. Flora: A name denoting nature and flowers.

For Brothers:

  1. Leo: A name meaning “lion” and representing strength.
  2. Theo: A name meaning “God-given” and strength.
  3. Jasper: A name associated with precious stones.
  4. Milo: A name meaning “soldier” or “merciful.”
  5. Felix: A name signifying happiness and luck.
  6. Silas: A name meaning “of the forest.”
  7. Ezra: A name denoting help and strength.
  8. Hugo: A name meaning “mind” or “spirit.”
  9. Oscar: A name denoting “God’s spear.”
  10. Elias: A name meaning “Yahweh is God.”

Famous People Named Cora

  1. Cora Weiss: An American peace activist.
  2. Cora Stanton: A British suffragist and activist.
  3. Cora Grainger: An Australian author and poet.
  4. Cora Witherspoon: An American actress.
  5. Cora Brown: A Canadian politician and activist.
  6. Cora Reynolds Anderson: An American educator and activist.
  7. Cora Taylor: A Canadian artist and painter.
  8. Cora Baird: An American puppeteer and performer.
  9. Cora Mae Bryant: An American singer-songwriter.
  10. Cora Canne Meyer: A Dutch film historian and curator.

Cora in Popular Culture

Cora has appeared in various forms of popular culture, often associated with characters exuding grace, strength, and vitality. One notable instance is Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, from the popular TV series “Downton Abbey,” known for her elegance and resilience.


1. What does the name Cora mean?

Cora means “maiden” or “maiden’s heart,” reflecting vitality and purity.

2. Is Cora a common name?

Cora has seen a resurgence in popularity, combining classic charm with a touch of modernity.

3. What are some nicknames for Cora?

Nicknames for Cora include Coco, Cory, and Ria.

4. Are there similar names to Cora?

Similar names to Cora include Nora, Clara, and Eleanor.

5. Who are some famous people named Cora?

Famous individuals named Cora include activists, authors, and actresses embracing vitality and strength.


Cora, with its Greek roots signifying vitality and maidenhood, remains a name cherished for its grace and timeless charm. Its revival in popularity reflects a fusion of classical appeal with a touch of modernity. With various variations, nicknames, and a presence in popular culture, Cora stands as a name that embodies youthful vigor, purity, and resilience.