Krishna Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Krishna Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

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What Does Krishna Mean?

The name Krishna carries profound spiritual significance and embodies divine qualities. In Hinduism, Krishna is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, symbolizing love, compassion, and enlightenment.

What Is the Origin of the Name Krishna?

The name Krishna finds its roots in ancient Sanskrit literature. It is derived from the word “krish,” meaning “black” or “dark,” which reflects Krishna’s enchanting complexion.

How Popular Is the Name Krishna?

The name Krishna holds immense popularity, particularly in regions where Hinduism is practiced. Its spiritual essence and cultural richness contribute to its enduring favor among parents.

How Do I Pronounce Krishna?

Krishna is pronounced as “KRISH-nuh,” with the emphasis on the first syllable. The name’s serene cadence mirrors the tranquility associated with the divine figure it represents.

Is Krishna a Boy or Girl Name?

Krishna is traditionally a masculine name, resonating with the historical and mythological figure of Lord Krishna.

Variations of Krishna

Variation Meaning
Krish Attractive, dark-skinned
Kishan Lord Krishna
Kris Follower of Christ
Keshav Another name for Krishna
Kishore Adolescent, young
Krishnan Variant of Krishna
Krisna Dark complexion
Krishti Divine creation
Krisa Divine love
Krishika Earth

Nicknames for Krishna

Nickname Meaning
Kris Short and appealing
Kishu Affectionate and sweet
Kiki Playful and joyful
Krisi Cheerful and lively
Kinnu Adorable and endearing
Kishna Unique and melodic
Keshi Graceful and serene
Krishi Nature-inspired
Kriya Spiritual and transformative
Krishika Earthly and rooted

Similar Names to Krishna

Similar Name Meaning
Arjun Bright, shining
Ravi Sun
Deva Divine
Aarav Peaceful
Samir Breeze, gentle wind
Siddharth Attainment of enlightenment
Vedaant The end of knowledge
Aniket Lord of the world
Nikhil Complete, whole
Rohan Ascending, rising

Middle Names for Krishna

Middle Name Meaning
Chandra Moon
Dharma Righteousness
Govind Lord Krishna
Hari Lord Vishnu
Nanda Joy, happiness
Rajan King
Sahil Guide, leader
Shyam Dark-skinned, Lord Krishna
Veer Brave
Yash Fame, glory

Sibling Names for Krishna

Sibling Name Meaning
Radha Successful, prosperous
Arjun Bright, shining
Gauri Fair, white
Priya Beloved
Ravi Sun
Meera Devotee of Lord Krishna
Aarav Peaceful
Sita Furrow, goddess of agriculture
Vedaant The end of knowledge
Nila Dark blue

Famous People Named Krishna

Famous Krishna Profession
Krishna Abhishek Actor, Comedian
Krishna Bharadwaj Actor, Model
Krishna Shroff Producer, Filmmaker
Krishna Kapoor Philanthropist, Socialite
Krishna Raj Kapoor Actress, Producer
Krishna Mukherjee Actress
Krishna Kaul Actor
Krishna Kulasekaran Actor
Krishna Prakash Author
Krishna D.K. Film Director, Writer

Krishna in Popular Culture

Krishna’s profound influence extends to literature, art, music, and spiritual discourse. Revered as a divine figure, Krishna’s name embodies devotion, love, and transcendence.


1. What does the name Krishna mean?

The name Krishna signifies “dark” or “dark-skinned” and holds deep spiritual significance in Hinduism.

2. Is Krishna a popular name?

Yes, Krishna is immensely popular in Hindu communities due to its association with Lord Krishna.

3. How do you pronounce Krishna?

Krishna is pronounced as “KRISH-nuh,” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

4. Is Krishna a unisex name?

Krishna is traditionally a masculine name.

5. Who are some famous individuals named Krishna?

Famous individuals named Krishna include actor Krishna Abhishek and actress Krishna Mukherjee.


Krishna’s name is a gateway to divine devotion and spirituality. With its ancient origins and profound meaning, it remains a cherished choice among those who seek to honor the legendary and revered Lord Krishna.