200 Nouns That Start With B

Nouns That Start With B

Are you looking for nouns that start with B? Here is the list of common nouns that start with the letter a to describe a person, animal, food, object, place and plant.

What is a noun?

A noun is a type of word used to identify a person, place, thing, or idea. It can function as the subject or object in a sentence and can be modified by adjectives. In English grammar, nouns can be singular or plural and can be further classified as common or proper, concrete or abstract, and countable or uncountable.

Nouns That Start with B in English

The English language is rich with words that start with the letter “B.” From everyday objects to abstract concepts, nouns that begin with B are used in various contexts, making them an essential part of our vocabulary.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common and exciting nouns that start with B in English. We will provide a detailed description of each noun, along with examples of how they can be used in a sentence.

Here are 100 nouns starting with “b,” along with brief descriptions:

  1. Baby – The baby is sleeping peacefully in her crib.
  2. Backpack – He carried his books in a backpack.
  3. Bacon – I love the smell of bacon in the morning.
  4. Bag – She packed her bag for the weekend trip.
  5. Bagel – I like to eat a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.
  6. Bakery – The bakery sells delicious cakes and pastries.
  7. Balance – Good balance is essential for gymnastics.
  8. Ball – We played catch with a ball in the park.
  9. Ballet – She has been taking ballet lessons since she was a little girl.
  10. Balloon – The children enjoyed playing with the balloon at the party.
  11. Banana – I love eating bananas for breakfast.
  12. Band – The band played some great songs at the concert.
  13. Bank – I deposited my paycheck at the bank.
  14. Bar – Let’s meet at the bar for a drink.
  15. Barber – He goes to the barber every two weeks for a haircut.
  16. Baseball – He enjoys playing baseball in the summer.
  17. Basket – She filled the basket with fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.
  18. Bath – I took a relaxing bath after a long day at work.
  19. Bathroom – The bathroom is located on the first floor.
  20. Battery – The battery in my phone needs to be charged.
  21. Beach – We spent the day relaxing on the beach.
  22. Bead – She strung the beads together to make a bracelet.
  23. Bean – I added some beans to the soup for extra protein.
  24. Bear – The bear was hibernating in the cave.
  25. Beard – He grew a beard during the winter.
  26. Beast – The beast roamed the forest at night.
  27. Beauty – The beauty of the sunset was breathtaking.
  28. Bed – I love to curl up in bed with a good book.
  29. Bedroom – The bedroom is decorated in shades of blue.
  30. Bee – The bee buzzed around the flowers in the garden.
  31. Beer – He ordered a cold beer at the bar.
  32. Beetle – The beetle crawled across the ground.
  33. Bell – The bell rang to signal the start of class.
  34. Belly – She had a big belly after eating too much pizza.
  35. Bench – We sat on the bench to watch the sunset.
  36. Bicycle – He rode his bicycle to work today.
  37. Bike – I like to go for a bike ride on the weekends.
  38. Bill – I paid my electricity bill online.
  39. Biology – She is studying biology in college.
  40. Bird – The bird chirped early in the morning.
  41. Birth – The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion.
  42. Biscuit – She made some delicious biscuits for breakfast.
  43. Blade – The blade of the knife was sharp.
  44. Blanket – We snuggled under the blanket on the couch.
  45. Blessing – The birth of a healthy baby is a blessing.
  46. Blood – The blood test results came back normal.
  47. Bloom – The flowers were in full bloom in the garden.
  48. Blossom – The cherry trees blossomed in the spring.
  49. Blue – Her favorite color is blue.
  50. Board – He wrote the lesson on the board.
  51. Boat – We took a boat ride on the lake.
  52. Body – She works out to keep her body healthy.
  53. Boiler – The boiler provides heat for the building.
  54. Bone – The bone was broken and needed to be set.
  55. Book – The library has a vast collection of books
  56. Bookcase – She organized her books on the bookcase.
  57. Bookstore – I love browsing the books at the bookstore.
  58. Boot – He wore his boots to go hiking.
  59. Bottle – I filled the bottle with water before leaving the house.
  60. Bottom – The bottom of the lake was murky.
  61. Bow – She tied a bow around the gift box.
  62. Bowl – I ate my cereal out of a bowl for breakfast.
  63. Box – She packed the fragile items in a box.
  64. Boy – The boy played with his toy truck.
  65. Brain – The brain is the most complex organ in the body.
  66. Branch – The branch fell off the tree during the storm.
  67. Brass – The brass band played some great music at the parade.
  68. Bread – I baked some fresh bread for dinner.
  69. Breakfast – I had a healthy breakfast of eggs and toast.
  70. Breath – She took a deep breath before speaking.
  71. Brick – The house was built with red brick.
  72. Bride – The bride looked beautiful in her wedding dress.
  73. Bridge – We crossed the bridge over the river.
  74. Briefcase – He carried his documents in a leather briefcase.
  75. Broccoli – I steamed some broccoli for dinner.
  76. Broken – The vase was broken and needed to be glued back together.
  77. Bronze – The statue was made of bronze.
  78. Brother – My brother is coming to visit next week.
  79. Brush – I brushed my hair before going to bed.
  80. Bubble – The children blew bubbles in the park.
  81. Bucket – He used a bucket to carry water from the well.
  82. Building – The tallest building in the city is the Burj Khalifa.
  83. Bull – The bull ran wild in the arena.
  84. Bump – She accidentally bumped into the table.
  85. Bungalow – The bungalow had a large backyard.
  86. Bureau – The bureau of statistics released a report on the economy.
  87. Burn – He suffered a burn while cooking dinner.
  88. Bus – I took the bus to get to my destination.
  89. Business – She runs her own business from home.
  90. Butterfly – The butterfly landed on the flower.
  91. Button – She sewed the button back on her shirt.
  92. Buyer – The buyer placed an order for 100 units.
  93. Cabin – We rented a cozy cabin in the mountains.
  94. Cable – The cable company installed a new internet connection.
  95. Cage – The bird was kept in a cage.
  96. Cake – She made a delicious cake for her daughter’s birthday.
  97. Calculator – He used a calculator to solve the math problem.
  98. Calendar – I marked the date on my calendar.
  99. Camera – She took a picture with her camera.
  100. Camp – We went camping in the woods.
  101. Can – She opened a can of soup for lunch.

Proper Noun That Starts with B

  1. Brazil
  2. Barack Obama
  3. Bangkok
  4. Beyoncé
  5. Berlin
  6. Boston
  7. Black Sea
  8. Brad Pitt
  9. Barcelona
  10. Bahamas
  11. Bermuda
  12. Big Ben
  13. Bombay
  14. Brisbane
  15. Baltic Sea
  16. Beirut
  17. Bali
  18. Bangladesh
  19. Budapest
  20. Brussels
  21. Buckingham Palace
  22. Buenos Aires
  23. Banff National Park
  24. British Museum
  25. Brooklyn.

Collective Noun That Starts with B

  1. Band
  2. Bevy
  3. Bunch
  4. Batch
  5. Brigade
  6. Brood
  7. Bundle
  8. Board
  9. Battalion
  10. Body
  11. Battery
  12. Boil
  13. Bouquet
  14. Brace
  15. Business
  16. Book club
  17. Bench
  18. Bicycle gang
  19. Building
  20. Bed
  21. Beehive
  22. Bottle
  23. Basket
  24. Ballet
  25. Box.

Common Noun That Starts with B

  1. Baby
  2. Backpack
  3. Bag
  4. Ball
  5. Banana
  6. Bank
  7. Bath
  8. Beach
  9. Bear
  10. Bed
  11. Bicycle
  12. Bird
  13. Book
  14. Bottle
  15. Box
  16. Bread
  17. Bridge
  18. Brush
  19. Bucket
  20. Building
  21. Bus
  22. Business
  23. Butter
  24. Button
  25. Butterfly.

Material Noun That Starts with B

  1. Bamboo
  2. Bark
  3. Basalt
  4. Batik
  5. Beeswax
  6. Birch
  7. Brass
  8. Bronze
  9. Burlap
  10. Bone
  11. Bakelite
  12. Bayberry wax
  13. Beads
  14. Beef
  15. Butter
  16. Batting
  17. Bitumen
  18. Blackboard chalk
  19. Blood
  20. Blu-ray
  21. Board
  22. Bole
  23. Borax
  24. Brick
  25. Bronze.

Abstract Noun That Starts with B

  1. Beauty
  2. Bravery
  3. Balance
  4. Belief
  5. Boldness
  6. Brotherhood
  7. Bliss
  8. Bounty
  9. Blessing
  10. Betrayal
  11. Burden
  12. Behavior
  13. Benefit
  14. Boldness
  15. Blissfulness
  16. Brightness
  17. Blissfulness
  18. Bitterness
  19. Brokenness
  20. Budget
  21. Blessings
  22. Blissfulness
  23. Brotherhood
  24. Brevity
  25. Brilliance.

Countable Noun That Starts with B

  1. Ball
  2. Balloon
  3. Banana
  4. Band
  5. Banknote
  6. Bar
  7. Baseball
  8. Basket
  9. Bat
  10. Battery
  11. Bead
  12. Bean
  13. Bear
  14. Bed
  15. Bee
  16. Bell
  17. Bicycle
  18. Bill
  19. Bird
  20. Blanket
  21. Block
  22. Boat
  23. Book
  24. Bottle
  25. Box.

Uncountable Noun That Starts with B

  1. Butter
  2. Bread
  3. Beef
  4. Blood
  5. Beer
  6. Bronze
  7. Brick
  8. Bark
  9. Basmati Rice
  10. Benzene
  11. Bubble Wrap
  12. Bismuth
  13. Bitumen
  14. Bamboo
  15. Buttercream
  16. Burnt Sienna
  17. Brick Dust
  18. Bauxite
  19. Black Pepper
  20. Blended Whiskey
  21. Boron
  22. Boiling Water
  23. Baking Soda
  24. Baggage
  25. Bandwidth.

Concrete Noun That Starts with B

  1. Book
  2. Bicycle
  3. Building
  4. Brick
  5. Bench
  6. Bag
  7. Bottle
  8. Bed
  9. Bridge
  10. Bus
  11. Ball
  12. Bread
  13. Bathtub
  14. Bucket
  15. Backpack
  16. Bus stop
  17. Boat
  18. Badge
  19. Battery
  20. Bulb
  21. Broom
  22. Briefcase
  23. Bowling ball
  24. Bunk bed
  25. Bandage.


Nouns that start with B are an essential part of the English language. They are used in various contexts, from everyday conversation to literature and scientific research.

This article has explored two hundred common and interesting nouns that start with B, providing a detailed description of each one along with examples of how they can be used in a sentence. By expanding your vocabulary with these words, you can become a more effective communicator and gain a better understanding of the world around you.

We hope you have found the popular Nouns from our collection of word finder directories.

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