Indian Surnames Starting with R

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Most Common Indian Surnames Starting with R

Here are some of the most common Indian surnames or last names that starting with “R”:

Rokade Rathaur
Ramar Rathi
Reddi Ramani
Ramteke Ramana
Routh Rajbanshi
Rastogi Ravi
Rabar Raul
Rajwar Ramesh
Rishidev Rajbhar
Rabidas Rajaput
Rane Reang
Rout Rishi
Ravat Rajput
Ranjan Ruidas
Raju Rawat
Ravidas Rabari
Rahaman Raja
Ra Raval
Rajak Rabha
Rao Rathav
Reddy Raut
Roy Rani
Rathod Ram
Rajan Raj
Rath Rama
Rashid Rahman

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