Theodore Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Theodore Name Meaning

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What Does Theodore Mean?

The name Theodore carries a profound meaning of divine courage and strength. Rooted in Greek origins, Theodore is a fusion of “Theos” (God) and “doron” (gift), symbolizing the gift of God’s bravery. Theodore encapsulates a sense of valor and steadfastness, making it a name of empowerment.

What Is the Origin of the Name Theodore?

Theodore finds its origins in ancient Greek, a language rich with significance. “Theos,” meaning God, and “doron,” meaning gift, blend harmoniously to create the name Theodore, a testament to the courage that derives from a divine blessing.

How Popular Is the Name Theodore?

Theodore has been cherished for its timeless elegance and meaning. While its popularity has seen fluctuations over the years, its enduring appeal makes it a beloved choice among parents seeking a name of substance and valor.

How Do I Pronounce Theodore?

The name Theodore is pronounced as “THEE-uh-dor,” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Its pronunciation is straightforward and carries an air of dignity.

Is Theodore a Boy or Girl Name?

Theodore is traditionally a masculine name, primarily given to boys. Although it is predominantly a name for boys, it has been used occasionally as a gender-neutral or unisex name.

Variations of Theodore

Variation Meaning/Origin
Theo Short and endearing
Teodor Slavic variation
Thierry French variation
Taddeo Italian variation
Tewodros Ethiopian variation
Fedor Russian variation
Feodor Russian and Slavic variation
Teodoro Spanish and Italian variation
Todor Bulgarian variation
Tivadar Hungarian variation

Nicknames for Theodore

Nickname Meaning/Usage
Theo Familiar and endearing
Teddy Playful and affectionate
Ted Strong and straightforward
Téo Stylish and chic
Teo Modern and approachable
Théo French variation
Tad Short and classic
Tadeo Unique and distinguished
Thor Powerful and mythical
Thee Abbreviation of Theodore

Similar Names to Theodore

Similar Name Meaning/Origin
Sebastian Latin, “venerable”
Alexander Greek, “defender of the people”
Nathaniel Hebrew, “gift of God”
Benjamin Hebrew, “son of the right hand”
Gabriel Hebrew, “God is my strength”
Raphael Hebrew, “God has healed”
Samuel Hebrew, “heard by God”
Christopher Greek, “bearer of Christ”
Augustine Latin, “majestic”
Oliver Latin, “olive tree”

Middle Names for Theodore

Middle Name Meaning/Usage
Theodore James Classic and timeless
Theodore Alexander Regal and distinguished
Theodore William Strong and noble
Theodore Henry Combination of two timeless names
Theodore Benjamin Classic with a modern twist
Theodore Thomas Balanced and versatile
Theodore Samuel A tribute to faith and strength
Theodore Joseph Timeless and dignified
Theodore Daniel Biblical and meaningful
Theodore Michael Classic and enduring

Sibling Names for Theodore

Sibling Name Gender
Amelia Female
Eleanor Female
Olivia Female
Charlotte Female
Benjamin Male
Alexander Male
Samuel Male
Isabella Female
Grace Female
Nathaniel Male

Famous People Named Theodore

Name Profession/Field
Theodore Roosevelt 26th U.S. President
Theodore Geisel Author (Dr. Seuss)
Theodore Dreiser Novelist
Theodore Maiman Physicist, inventor of laser
Theodore Sturgeon Science fiction author
Theodore Long Professional wrestling manager
Theodore Sorensen White House adviser
Theodore Tugboat Children’s television character
Theodore Hesburgh Priest, educator
Theo Epstein Baseball executive

Theodore in Popular Culture

Theodore’s influence extends beyond reality. The beloved character Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt from history and the imaginative world of Dr. Seuss’s Theodore “Teddy” Geisel showcase the name’s resonance in both real and fictional realms.


1. Is Theodore a popular name?

Yes, Theodore is a name with a long-standing popularity.

2. What does the name Theodore mean?

The name Theodore means “gift of God’s bravery.”

3. Can Theodore be a girl’s name?

While traditionally masculine, Theodore has been used occasionally as a gender-neutral or unisex name.

4. Are there famous people named Theodore?

Certainly, notable individuals include President Theodore Roosevelt and author Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel).

5. What are common nicknames for Theodore?

Common nicknames for Theodore include Theo, Teddy, and Ted.


In conclusion, Theodore is a name that embodies the divine gift of courage. With its Greek roots and significant meaning, it represents a courageous spirit bestowed by a higher power. From its variations to its nicknames, Theodore offers a spectrum of expressions that honor its profound essence. Its presence in both history and fiction further solidifies its significance. As you embrace the name Theodore, may its powerful message of bravery guide you through life’s journeys, reminding you of the remarkable courage that resides within.