Top 100 Baby Names That Means Fire

Baby Names That Means Fire

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Are you looking for baby names that mean fire with meanings? Then you are in the right place because here, we collected the popular fire names for boys and girls from the different sources that you can easily pick a name from this list and make that your baby name.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Fire

If you want to name your baby boy, then we made the list of the most popular and unique baby boy names that are linked with the meaning of fire are as given below

Baby Boy Names

1. Aarush
2. Agni
3. Aidan
4. Aiden
5. Anatole
6. Aodh
7. Apollo
8. Baskara
9. Blaze
10. Brando
11. Branton
12. Brent
13. Brenton
14. Conleth
15. Conley
16. Cymbeline
17. Cyrus
18. Edan
19. Egan
20. Elio
21. Finlo
22. Fintan
23. Flint
24. Fuji
25. Haco
26. Hagan
27. Hakan
28. Helios
29. Heulfryn
30. Horus
31. Hugh
32. Hugo
33. Ignacio
34. Ignatius
35. Inigo
36. Ishaan
37. Kenneth
38. Kiran
39. Kwasi
40. Mccoy
41. Nuri
42. Nuriel
43. Oriane
44. Pele
45. Phoenix
46. Sampson
47. Savita
48. Seraphim
49. Tyson
50. Vulcan

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

If you want to name your baby girl, then we made the list of cute and beautiful baby girl names that are linked with the meaning of fire are as given below:

Baby Girl Names

1. Aithne
2. Akosua
3. Alinta
4. Anala
5. Apollonia
6. Arpina
7. Azar
8. Bridget
9. Brigid
10. Britt
11. Calida
12. Cyra
13. Eilidh
14. Eliane
15. Elidi
16. Ember
17. Enya
18. Fiamma
19. Fiammetta
20. Helia
21. Hestia
22. Idalia
23. Kalama
24. Kalinda
25. Keahi
26. Mckenna
27. Mehri
28. Mirri
29. Nuria
30. Salana
31. Seraphina
32. Shula
33. Sol
34. Solana
35. Sunniva
36. Surya
37. Tana

Unisex Or Gender-Neutral Baby Names that Mean Fire

Unisex & Gender Neutral Baby Names

Here are some popular and unique gender-neutral baby names for boys and girls that means fire. A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning you can give it to a girl or a boy. 

  1. Amola
  2. Juliusz
  3. Domenique
  4. Juji
  5. Alverda
  6. Ozge
  7. Agamani
  8. Quasar
  9. Andy
  10. Ansrutas

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Baby Names List Inspired By Various Elements

How do you choose a name for your baby? Here is a complete list of names inspired by various elements of nature, including flowers, plants, trees, the forest, the ocean, and more.

Dark Curious
Death Desire
Grace Eternal
Unique Flame
Angel Future
Blue Glory
Red Mother
Crystal Quiet
Gold Song
Night Success
Victorious Treasure
White Wealth
Wolf New
Life Pride
Brave Silent
Dragon Handsome
Dream Holy
Green Rich
Shadow Soft
Freedom Complete
Gift First
Lion Helpful
Noble Charming
Pink Conqueror
Precious Honest
Pure Humble
Bright Servant
Divine Sharp
Mercy Sight
Soul Winner
Calm Wish
Truth Father
Hero Young
Immortal Paradise
Innocent Righteous
Patience Swift
Secret Delicate
Courage Emotional
Creation Glow
Creative Radiant
Fearless Generous
Great Wave
Knowledge Brilliant
Perfect Chief
Small Stream

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