Clara Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Are you looking for the Clara’s name meanings? Discover the meaning of the name Clara and its origin, similar names, nicknames, variations, numerology numbers, popularity trends, and famous people with the name.

What Does Clara Mean?

Clara means “bright” or “clear.” It signifies clarity, brightness, and intelligence.

What Is the Origin of the Name Clara?

The name Clara has its roots in Latin, derived from the word “clarus,” which means “clear” or “bright.”

How Popular Is the Name Clara?

Clara has maintained a consistent level of popularity, cherished for its timeless elegance and the association with brightness and clarity.

How Do I Pronounce Clara?

The name Clara is pronounced as “CLAIR-uh.”

Is Clara a Boy or Girl Name?

Clara is primarily used as a girl’s name, celebrated for its grace and luminous connotations.

Variations of Clara

  1. Clarissa: A variant meaning “bright” or “illustrious.”
  2. Chiara: An Italian variant meaning “clear” or “bright.”
  3. Claret: A name associated with a dark-red color.
  4. Claribel: A name meaning “bright and beautiful.”
  5. Claire: A name meaning “clear” and “bright.”
  6. Clarice: A name meaning “clear-sighted” or “illustrious.”
  7. Claris: A name signifying “clear” and “bright.”
  8. Clarinda: A name associated with “clear and beautiful.”
  9. Clarina: A name meaning “brilliant” or “shining.”
  10. Clarine: A name associated with “bright and clear.”

Nicknames for Clara

  1. Clare: A simple and elegant diminutive.
  2. Clairey: A familiar and friendly diminutive.
  3. Clarita: A chic and stylish diminutive.
  4. Clari: A short and catchy diminutive.
  5. Clarry: A playful and endearing diminutive.
  6. Clara Belle: A combination and endearing diminutive.
  7. Clarie: A classic and timeless diminutive.
  8. Clarise: A creative and modern diminutive.
  9. Claressa: A unique and contemporary diminutive.
  10. Clarie Lou: A fashionable and affectionate diminutive.

Similar Names to Clara

  1. Lara: A name meaning “cheerful” or “light-hearted.”
  2. Cara: A name signifying “dear” or “beloved.”
  3. Elena: A name meaning “bright” or “shining light.”
  4. Adeline: A name meaning “noble” and “nobility.”
  5. Sophie: A name associated with wisdom and clarity.
  6. Helena: A name meaning “bright” or “shining light.”
  7. Eleanor: A name associated with brightness and strength.
  8. Aurora: A name associated with the dawn and new beginnings.
  9. Elara: A name associated with brightness and beauty.
  10. Diana: A name associated with brightness and radiance.

Middle Names for Clara

  1. Clara Rose: Rose signifies love and beauty.
  2. Clara Elizabeth: Elizabeth means “pledged to God.”
  3. Clara Mae: Mae means “pearl” and signifies purity.
  4. Clara Grace: Grace signifies elegance and divine favor.
  5. Clara Evelyn: Evelyn means “wished for child.”
  6. Clara Juliet: Juliet means “youthful” and “downy-bearded.”
  7. Clara Celeste: Celeste means “heavenly.”
  8. Clara Evangeline: Evangeline means “bearer of good news.”
  9. Clara Victoria: Victoria signifies victory and triumph.
  10. Clara Seraphina: Seraphina means “burning one.”

Sibling Names for Clara

For Sisters:

  1. Eleanor: A name associated with brightness and strength.
  2. Sophie: A name linked to wisdom and clarity.
  3. Violet: A name associated with vibrant colors and vitality.
  4. Matilda: A name meaning “mighty in battle.”
  5. Isabel: A name meaning “pledged to God.”
  6. Lucy: A name meaning “light” or “illumination.”
  7. Alice: A name meaning “noble” and “gracious.”
  8. Juliet: A name meaning “youthful” and “downy-bearded.”
  9. Rose: A name signifying love and beauty.
  10. Hazel: A name meaning “the hazel tree.”

For Brothers:

  1. Henry: A name meaning “ruler of the home.”
  2. Oliver: A name meaning “olive tree.”
  3. Theodore: A name meaning “God-given.”
  4. Sebastian: A name meaning “venerable” and “revered.”
  5. Arthur: A name meaning “bear” or “man.”
  6. Felix: A name meaning “lucky” or “successful.”
  7. William: A name meaning “strong-willed warrior.”
  8. Simon: A name meaning “listener” or “hearing.”
  9. Maxwell: A name meaning “great stream.”
  10. Gabriel: A name meaning “God is my strength.”

Famous People Named Clara

  1. Clara Barton: A pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross.
  2. Clara Bow: A renowned actress and leading sex symbol of the 1920s.
  3. Clara Harris: A former dentist and murderer involved in a high-profile case.
  4. Clara Alonso: A Spanish actress and model.
  5. Clara Lago: A Spanish actress known for her roles in various films and TV series.
  6. Clara Hughes: A Canadian cyclist and speed skater, an Olympic medalist.
  7. Clara Schumann: A celebrated German pianist and composer.
  8. Clara Paget: A British model and actress.
  9. Clara Haskil: A renowned Romanian classical pianist.
  10. Clara Morgane: A French singer, media personality, and former adult film actress.

Clara in Popular Culture

The name Clara has appeared in various literary works, movies, and TV shows, often portraying characters associated with intelligence, elegance, and brightness. Its use in novels and films highlights the name’s association with clarity and luminosity.


1. What does the name Clara mean?

Clara means “bright” or “clear,” symbolizing brightness and clarity.

2. How popular is the name Clara?

Clara has maintained a consistent level of popularity, cherished for its timeless elegance and luminous connotations.

3. Are there variations of the name Clara?

Variations of Clara include Clarissa, Chiara, and Claribel, all signifying brightness.

4. What are suitable sibling names for Clara?

Sibling names for Clara include Eleanor, Henry, Juliet, and Violet.

5. Are there famous people named Clara?

Famous individuals named Clara include nurses, actresses, musicians, and athletes.


Clara, with Latin origins and a meaning of brightness and clarity, remains a name treasured for its elegance and luminous associations. Its consistent popularity and timeless sound make it a favored choice among parents seeking a name representing intelligence and grace. With various variations, nicknames, and a presence in popular culture, Clara stands as a name symbolizing brilliance and clarity, embodying refined and bright qualities.