Josephine Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Josephine Name Meaning

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Are you looking for the Josephine name meanings? Discover the meaning of the name Josephine and its origin, similar names, nicknames, variations, numerology numbers, popularity trends and famous people with the name.

What Does Josephine Mean?

The name Josephine is derived from the Hebrew name “Yosef,” meaning “God shall add” or “God will increase,” signifying addition and expansion.

What Is the Origin of the Name Josephine?

Josephine originates from the Hebrew name Yosef and gained popularity in English-speaking countries in the 19th century.

How Popular Is the Name Josephine?

Josephine has maintained a steady level of popularity, recognized for its classic and timeless charm.

How Do I Pronounce Josephine?

Josephine is pronounced as “JOH-zuh-feen,” with emphasis on the first syllable. The name has a melodious and elegant sound.

Is Josephine a Boy or Girl Name?

Josephine is traditionally a feminine name and is not commonly used for boys.

Variations of Josephine

  1. Jos├ęphine: The French variant of Josephine.
  2. Giuseppina: An Italian rendition of Josephine.
  3. Josefina: The Spanish equivalent of Josephine.
  4. Josie: A diminutive form of Josephine.
  5. Fina: A shorter, affectionate version.
  6. Josiane: A French variation with a unique flair.
  7. Yoselin: A modern derivative of Josephine.
  8. Yosepha: A Hebrew variation with classic roots.
  9. Jocelyn: A name that shares the same etymological roots.
  10. Phina: A shorter and distinctive variation.

Nicknames for Josephine

  1. Josie: A friendly and endearing diminutive.
  2. Jo: A simple and classic nickname for Josephine.
  3. Jojo: A playful and affectionate diminutive.
  4. Effie: A vintage and sweet diminutive.
  5. Josette: A refined and elegant diminutive.
  6. Phina: A charming and distinctive diminutive.
  7. Posy: An adorable and floral-inspired nickname.
  8. Fifi: A cute and quirky diminutive for Josephine.
  9. Joseline: A modern and trendy diminutive.
  10. Joss: A strong and modern diminutive for Josephine.

Similar Names to Josephine

  1. Genevieve: Radiates elegance and timeless charm.
  2. Evangeline: Carries a similar classic and melodious tone.
  3. Charlotte: Reflects timeless charm and elegance.
  4. Adelaide: Resonates with classic and sophisticated traits.
  5. Beatrice: Carries elegance and vintage charm.
  6. Marguerite: Radiates classic and refined attributes.
  7. Eleanor: Reflects timeless and strong characteristics.
  8. Catherine: Resonates with sophistication and grace.
  9. Isabelle: Carries a classic and elegant tone.
  10. Victoria: Reflects strength and timeless grace.

Middle Names for Josephine

  1. Josephine Mae: Infuses elegance and simplicity.
  2. Josephine Elise: A classic and refined combination.
  3. Josephine Claire: Echoes grace and sophistication.
  4. Josephine Rose: Merges beauty with classic charm.
  5. Josephine Grace: Represents elegance and timeless grace.
  6. Josephine Marie: Carries a classic and strong combination.
  7. Josephine Harper: Combines robustness and elegance.
  8. Josephine Maeve: Infuses a vintage and strong touch.
  9. Josephine Pearl: Adds sophistication and classic charm.
  10. Josephine Eve: Represents elegance and strength.

Sibling Names for Josephine

  1. Sebastian (Brother): Reflects strength and classic charm.
  2. Eleanor (Sister): Resonates with timeless elegance.
  3. Theodore (Brother): Carries classic and sophisticated traits.
  4. Margaret (Sister): Reflects timeless and refined attributes.
  5. Oliver (Brother): Merges strength and classic charm.
  6. Adelaide (Sister): Radiates sophistication and elegance.
  7. Nathaniel (Brother): Resonates with classic and strong characteristics.
  8. Catherine (Sister): Carries sophistication and grace.
  9. Maximilian (Brother): Represents strength and timeless grace.
  10. Victoria (Sister): Reflects grace and timeless charm.

Famous People Named Josephine

  1. Josephine Baker: American-French entertainer and activist.
  2. Josephine Cochrane: American inventor, creator of the first commercially successful dishwasher.
  3. Josephine Tey: Scottish author known for mystery novels.
  4. Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin: American publisher and civil rights leader.
  5. Josephine Skriver: Danish model recognized for her work in fashion.
  6. Josephine de Beauharnais: The first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  7. Josephine Hull: American actress, known for her roles in classic films.
  8. Josephine Siao: Hong Kong actress and psychologist.
  9. Josephine Hopper: American artist and the wife of painter Edward Hopper.
  10. Josephine Langford: Australian actress known for her roles in movies and TV shows.

Josephine in Popular Culture

Josephine has appeared in various cultural works, often representing elegance, strength, and grace.


1. What does the name Josephine mean?

Josephine means “God shall add” or “God will increase,” symbolizing addition and expansion.

2. Is Josephine a popular name?

Yes, Josephine maintains a steady level of popularity, recognized for its classic charm.

3. How do you pronounce Josephine?

Pronounce Josephine as “JOH-zuh-feen,” with emphasis on the first syllable.

4. Is Josephine a unisex name?

No, Josephine is traditionally a feminine name and is not commonly used for boys.

5. Are there variations of the name Josephine?

Yes, variations include Jos├ęphine, Giuseppina, Josie, and Josefina, preserving the name’s traits.


Josephine embodies elegance and classic charm, stemming from the Hebrew name Yosef. Whether drawn to its meaning of addition and expansion, its resonance with elegance and timeless grace, or its presence in various cultural works, Josephine remains a name symbolizing sophistication and classic allure.