100 Lord Brahma Names for Boys with Meanings

Lord Brahma Names for Boys with Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, as it will be with them for their entire life. Many parents want to choose a name with a strong meaning or a cultural significance, and Lord Brahma baby names for boys fit this criteria perfectly. In this guide, we will explore the meaning and origin of Lord Brahma names and provide you with a comprehensive list of options to choose from.

Who is Lord Brahma?

Lord Brahma is a revered Hindu deity, known as the creator of the universe in Hindu mythology. He is often depicted with four faces, symbolizing the four Vedas, and four arms, holding a book, a scepter, a water-pot, and a string of beads. Brahma is considered one of the Trimurti, along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, who represent the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction in Hinduism.

The Significance of Lord Brahma Names

In Hindu culture, the names of deities are believed to have a strong spiritual significance, and naming a child after a deity is seen as an auspicious act. Lord Brahma names, in particular, are believed to be powerful and have a positive impact on a child’s life. They are often chosen for their association with creativity, intelligence, and knowledge, as these are qualities associated with Lord Brahma.

List of Lord Brahma Baby Names for Boys

Here are 100 Lord Brahma names for boys with their meanings. I’ve bolded the names for easy reference:

  1. Aadi: The first, the beginning
  2. Akshaj: Born from Lord Brahma
  3. Anshuman: Radiant like the sun
  4. Aryadit: The first ray of the sun
  5. Brahmaanand: Bliss of Lord Brahma
  6. Brahmaputra: Son of Lord Brahma
  7. Chaturbhuj: Four-armed like Lord Brahma
  8. Dharmadhyaksha: The one who presides over righteousness
  9. Dharmik: Righteous, virtuous
  10. Divyamshu: Divine light
  11. Ekakshar: The one with a single syllable
  12. Gaganja: Born from the sky
  13. Gopijanavallabha: Beloved of the Gopis
  14. Haripriya: Beloved of Lord Vishnu
  15. Ishwar: Supreme God
  16. Jagadisha: Lord of the universe
  17. Janardana: One who pleases people
  18. Kaivalya: Absolute oneness
  19. Kamalnayan: Lotus-eyed
  20. Krishnachandra: Moon-like Lord Krishna
  21. Lakshmikant: Lord of wealth
  22. Madhav: Another name for Lord Krishna
  23. Mahesh: Lord Shiva
  24. Manohar: Beautiful, charming
  25. Narayana: Refuge of all beings
  26. Padmapani: Holder of a lotus
  27. Pitambar: Wearer of yellow robes
  28. Pranav: Om, the sacred syllable
  29. Purushottam: Supreme person
  30. Rameshwar: Lord of Rama (Lord Vishnu)
  31. Sachidananda: Existence, knowledge, bliss
  32. Sarvajit: Conqueror of all
  33. Shantipriya: Lover of peace
  34. Shivam: Auspicious, Lord Shiva
  35. Sukhdev: God of happiness
  36. Trilokpati: Lord of the three worlds
  37. Umapati: Consort of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
  38. Vasudeva: Lord Krishna
  39. Yajnesh: Lord of sacrifice
  40. Achyut: Imperishable
  41. Advait: Non-dual, one with no second
  42. Anant: Infinite, eternal
  43. Aparajit: Undefeated
  44. Balakrishna: Young Lord Krishna
  45. Bhagavan: Lord, God
  46. Chakradhar: Wielder of the Sudarshana Chakra
  47. Dhruv: The steadfast star
  48. Dwarkadhish: Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)
  49. Gajanan: Elephant-faced, Lord Ganesha
  50. Giridhar: Holder of the mountain (Lord Krishna)
  51. Harihar: Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva combined
  52. Ishana: Lord Shiva
  53. Jagannath: Lord of the world
  54. Janardan: One who pleases people
  55. Kailash: Abode of Lord Shiva
  56. Kamalakar: The one who has a lotus-like form
  57. Krishnakant: Lover of Lord Krishna
  58. Lalit: Elegant, graceful
  59. Madhusudan: Slayer of the demon Madhu (Lord Krishna)
  60. Mahadev: Lord Shiva
  61. Manavendra: King among men
  62. Narayan: Refuge of all beings
  63. Padmanabha: Lotus-navelled, Lord Vishnu
  64. Paramatman: Supreme soul
  65. Pralayankar: The one who causes dissolution
  66. Prithviraj: King of the Earth
  67. Raghavendra: Lord Rama
  68. Samrat: Emperor
  69. Sarveshwar: Lord of all
  70. Shambhavi: Consort of Lord Shiva
  71. Shantilal: Peaceful
  72. Shivansh: Part of Lord Shiva
  73. Sukhesh: Lord of happiness
  74. Triloknath: Lord of the three worlds
  75. Uddhav: Friend of Lord Krishna
  76. Vasudev: Lord Krishna
  77. Yashodhan: One who brings fame
  78. Achyutananda: Bliss of the imperishable
  79. Advay: Unique, one without a second
  80. Aniruddha: Uncontrollable, Lord Krishna
  81. Aparimit: Infinite, boundless
  82. Balaram: The strong one (Lord Krishna’s brother)
  83. Bhagirath: One who brought the river Ganga to Earth
  84. Chandrakant: Beloved of the moon
  85. Damodar: Lord Krishna (the one tied with a rope around his waist)
  86. Dwarkesh: Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)
  87. Ganapati: Lord of Ganas (Lord Ganesha)
  88. Girivar: Lord of mountains
  89. Harinarayan: Lord Vishnu
  90. Ishan: Lord Shiva
  91. Jagdish: Lord of the universe
  92. Janaki Nath: Consort of Sita (Lord Rama)
  93. Kamalnath: Lord of lotus
  94. Krishnakumar: Son of Lord Krishna
  95. Laxminarayan: Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi
  96. Madhusudana: Slayer of the demon Madhu (Lord Krishna)
  97. Mahendra: Lord Indra, the king of gods
  98. Manohar: Captivating, delightful
  99. Narottam: Best among men
  100. Padmakar: Lotus-like

These names are inspired by Lord Brahma and other deities associated with Hinduism.


Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and Lord Brahma names for boys offer a wide variety of options with strong meanings and cultural significance. These names are associated with Lord Brahma’s creativity, intelligence, and knowledge, making them an auspicious choice for parents looking for a meaningful and powerful name for their child.

We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with useful information and helped you in your search for the perfect Lord Brahma name for your little one. Remember, a name is more than just a word, it carries with it the weight of its meaning and the significance of its cultural roots. Choose wisely, and may your child’s name bring them joy, prosperity, and success throughout their life.