350+ Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boys

Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boys

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In the rich tapestry of Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha holds a special place as the remover of obstacles, the god of wisdom, and the patron of arts and sciences. His revered presence extends beyond religious ceremonies to the naming of newborns. Lord Ganesha’s names are not only spiritually significant but also carry profound meanings and blessings. If you’re looking for a meaningful and unique name for your baby boy, delve into this collection of Lord Ganesha names that resonate with tradition and spirituality.

Naming a child is one of the most significant decisions a parent makes. It’s an opportunity to bestow blessings and meaning upon a new life. In Hindu culture, names often reflect the qualities and attributes parents hope their children will embody. Among the pantheon of Hindu deities, Lord Ganesha stands out as a popular source of inspiration for baby names, given his universal appeal and revered status.

The Significance of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, also known as Vinayak, Ganapati, or Vighneshwara, is worshipped as the god of beginnings and wisdom. He is revered as the remover of obstacles and the patron of arts and sciences. With his elephant head, symbolizing wisdom, and a gentle disposition, Lord Ganesha is an embodiment of qualities parents aspire to nurture in their children.

Naming Traditions in Hindu Culture

In Hindu culture, names are believed to shape a child’s destiny. They are chosen with utmost care, often based on astrological considerations and family traditions. Lord Ganesha’s names are particularly sought after due to their auspicious and meaningful nature.

Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boys

Here is a complete list of all the different names of Lord Ganapathi in Sanskrit, English & Hindi, which signifies every divine quality of Ganesha.

  1. Aaradh: Worship
  2. Binayak: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  3. Chaturbhuj: Four-armed (usually referring to a deity)
  4. Dharmik: Religious or virtuous
  5. Ekadant: One-tusked (another name for Lord Ganesha)
  6. Ekadanta: One who has a single tusk (Lord Ganesha)
  7. Ekakshara: One syllable
  8. Eshanputra: Son of Lord Shiva
  9. Gajanana: Elephant-faced (Lord Ganesha)
  10. Gajanand: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  11. Gajananeti: Lord Ganesha
  12. Gajdant: Elephant-toothed (Lord Ganesha)
  13. Gajpati: Lord of elephants (Lord Ganesha)
  14. Gajrup: Embodiment of an elephant (Lord Ganesha)
  15. Gajvadan: Elephant-faced (Lord Ganesha)
  16. Ganapathi: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  17. Ganapati: Lord of the Ganas (Lord Ganesha)
  18. Ganesh: Lord of the Ganas (Lord Ganesha)
  19. Ganesha: Lord of the Ganas (Lord Ganesha)
  20. Ganpat: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  21. Ganpati: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  22. Gaurik: Belonging to Goddess Parvati
  23. Gaurinandan: Son of Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha)
  24. Gaurisuta: Son of Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha)
  25. Ghanesh: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  26. Girijanandan: Son of Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha)
  27. Gunina: Possessing qualities or virtues
  28. Heramba: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  29. Kanraj: Born of Krishna
  30. Kaveesha: Lord of poets
  31. Kavish: Poet
  32. Kavisha: Poetess
  33. Lambodar: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  34. Lambodara: One with a large belly (Lord Ganesha)
  35. Lambodhar: Lord with a big stomach (Lord Ganesha)
  36. Mahamati: Highly intelligent
  37. Mangalamurti: Auspicious form
  38. Parin: Other
  39. Parvatinandan: Son of Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha)
  40. Prathamesh: First Lord
  41. Prathameshwara: First God
  42. Prathmesh: First Lord
  43. Riddhish: Lord of prosperity
  44. Rudraunsh: A part of Lord Rudra (Shiva)
  45. Sarvambh: All-pervading
  46. Sarvasiddhanta: Master of all knowledge
  47. Shivasunu: Son of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesha)
  48. Shuban: Auspicious
  49. Supash: Very intelligent
  50. Svarna: Golden
  51. Tridhatri: One who knows the three Vedas
  52. Umaputra: Son of Goddess Uma (Lord Ganesha)
  53. Vakrabhuj: Curved trunk (Lord Ganesha)
  54. Vakratund: Curved trunk (Lord Ganesha)
  55. Vakratunda: Curved trunk (Lord Ganesha)
  56. Veeraganapati: Heroic Lord Ganesha
  57. Vighnajit: Conqueror of obstacles
  58. Vighnaraj: King of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  59. Vighnesh: Lord of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  60. Vighneshwara: Lord of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  61. Vignaharta: Remover of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  62. Vignesh: Lord of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  63. Vikat: Unusual or mischievous (Lord Ganesha)
  64. Vinayak: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  65. Vinayaka: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  66. Yashvasin: Popular or famous
  67. Aaradhya: Worshiped or adored
  68. Aatesh: Fire
  69. Aathesha: Lord of fire
  70. Aatish: Fire
  71. Aayog: Union or alliance
  72. Achyuth: Imperishable
  73. Adhrav: Fearless
  74. Adhyaksha: Supervisor or leader
  75. Adidev: Supreme God
  76. Advaith: Non-duality
  77. Agranya: Leader or pioneer
  78. Akhuga: Free from sin
  79. Akurath: One with no enemies
  80. Alampata: Eternal Lord
  81. Amay: Without deceit
  82. Amegh: Cloudless
  83. Amey: Immeasurable
  84. Ameya: Immeasurable
  85. Amit: Boundless or infinite
  86. Amiy: Without deceit
  87. Amod: Joy
  88. Amog: Unerring
  89. Amogh: Unerring
  90. Anaimuga: Leader of all
  91. Anant: Infinite
  92. Anantachidrupamayam: Endless consciousness
  93. Anav: Humble
  94. Anavit: One without comparison
  95. Anaye: Leader
  96. Aneek: Countless
  97. Ankish: Lord of all
  98. Anmay: Incomparable
  99. Annay: Leader
  100. Anough: Sufficient
  101. Anuj: Younger brother
  102. Anvit: Brave
  103. Anwith: Lord of the universe
  104. Aparajit: Invincible
  105. Arhat: Deserving
  106. Ariket: Lord of the sea
  107. Arvik: Pious
  108. Ashrith: Dependable
  109. Ashu: Quick
  110. Asit: Lord of the sun
  111. Asy: Almighty
  112. Atharv: Name of a Vedic sage
  113. Atharva: Name of a Vedic scripture
  114. Athruv: Light
  115. Atvar: Unchanging
  116. Avaneesh: Lord of the earth
  117. Avneesh: Lord of the earth
  118. Avnesha: Lord of the earth
  119. Ayaan: Gift of God
  120. Ayan: Bright
  121. Bahuliya: Abundant
  122. Balagnapati: Childlike Lord Ganesha
  123. Balchandra: Young moon
  124. Balesh: Lord of strength
  125. Benak: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  126. Bheema: Powerful
  127. Bhuvanpathi: Lord of the universe
  128. Buddhinath: Lord of intelligence
  129. Buddhividhata: Creator of intelligence
  130. Chinmay: Full of knowledge
  131. Chintamani: Philosopher’s stone
  132. Darseel: Intelligent
  133. Daywa: Helpful
  134. Devavrata: Sacred vow
  135. Devendrashika: Protector of the gods
  136. Deyva: Divine
  137. Dhaarmik: Religious
  138. Dhoomravarna: Lord with a smoky-colored body (Lord Shiva)
  139. Dignesh: Lord of dignity
  140. Durantadeva: Invincible god
  141. Durja: Incomprehensible
  142. Dvaimatura: Having two mothers
  143. Ekadrishta: Single-focused
  144. Gadadhara: Bearer of mace (Lord Krishna)
  145. Gadin: Possessing a mace
  146. Gajadev: Lord of elephants
  147. Gajakarna: Elephant-eared (Lord Ganesha)
  148. Gajanan: Elephant-faced (Lord Ganesha)
  149. Gajananneti: Lord of elephants
  150. Gajaraj: King of elephants
  151. Gajavakra: Curved trunk (Lord Ganesha)
  152. Gajavaktra: Elephant-faced (Lord Ganesha)
  153. Gajpal: Protector of elephants
  154. Ganadhyakshina: Leader of the Ganas (Lord Shiva)
  155. Ganan: Lord of the Ganas
  156. Ganapthi: Lord of the Ganas (Lord Ganesha)
  157. Gansh: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  158. Ganvith: Lord of Ganas
  159. Gattani: Lord of all
  160. Ghanya: Grateful
  161. Gopesha: Lord of the gopis (Lord Krishna)
  162. Gunatita: Beyond qualities
  163. Haridra: Golden
  164. Harsha: Happiness
  165. Heramb: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  166. Hetuka: With a cause
  167. Ibhaan: Elephant-like
  168. Ikshu: Sugarcane
  169. Indraneel: Blue sapphire
  170. Jainish: Lord of Jains
  171. Kabilaan: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  172. Kahaan: Lord Krishna
  173. Kajaraj: King of poets
  174. Kamesh: Lord of desires
  175. Kanish: Lord of the world
  176. Kapil: Name of a sage
  177. Kapila: Name of a sage
  178. Karata: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  179. Karthika: Another name for Lord Muruga
  180. Karunya: Compassionate
  181. Kaurik: Son of the sun (Lord Hanuman)
  182. Kavesh: Lord of poets
  183. Keenan: Ancient
  184. Kenil: Lord of the eye
  185. Keyansh: Lord of a flag
  186. Khelan: Sportive
  187. Kripalu: Merciful
  188. Krishapingaksha: Lord Krishna
  189. Kriti: Achievement
  190. Krshang: Lord Krishna
  191. Kshamakaram: Merciful
  192. Kshipra: Quick
  193. Laavin: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  194. Lambodra: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  195. Lapaya: Leader
  196. Lolaksi: Playful eyes
  197. Lovik: Lord of the world
  198. Mahabala: Great strength
  199. Mahabali: Powerful
  200. Mahaganapati: Great Lord Ganesha
  201. Maham: Name of Lord Ganesha
  202. Maheshwaram: Lord of the universe (Lord Shiva)
  203. Mahimn: Name of Lord Ganesha
  204. Mahodar: Large-bellied (Lord Ganesha)
  205. Mandar: A celestial tree
  206. Mangal: Auspicious
  207. Manomay: Full of mind
  208. Mayrush: Lord of love
  209. Mohit: Attracted
  210. Morya: Leader
  211. Mrityunjay: Conqueror of death
  212. Muktidaya: Bestower of liberation
  213. Mundakarama: Lord of ascetics
  214. Munistuta: Praised by sages
  215. Musikvahana: Rider of a mouse (Lord Ganesha)
  216. Nadapratithishta: Establisher of music
  217. Naitik: Ethical
  218. Namasthetu: Salutation to you
  219. Nandana: Son
  220. Natik: Leader
  221. Nibhish: Fearless
  222. Nidheeshwar: Lord of treasures
  223. Nidish: Lord of treasures
  224. Nimish: Blink of an eye
  225. Nirmal: Pure
  226. Nitikh: Well-mannered
  227. Nyrvig: Without fear
  228. Ojas: Brightness
  229. Omkara: The sound of the sacred syllable “Om”
  230. Pradnyesh: Lord of wisdom
  231. Pragnay: Wise
  232. Prahar: Time
  233. Prajith: Winner
  234. Pramod: Delight
  235. Pramoda: Delight
  236. Pranav: Sacred syllable “Om”
  237. Pratam: First
  238. Prathemshwara: First Lord
  239. Priyank: Beloved
  240. Purush: Supreme Being
  241. Rajan: King
  242. Ranesh: Lord of battles
  243. Riddhesh: Lord of prosperity
  244. Rudhav: Lord Shiva
  245. Rudraanush: A part of Lord Rudra (Shiva)
  246. Rudrapreeyam: Beloved of Lord Rudra
  247. Rudveda: A part of Lord Rudra
  248. Saarik: Singer
  249. Sajith: Victorious
  250. Sanmukh: Face to face
  251. Sarvadevatman: All-encompassing soul
  252. Sarvatmaka: All-pervading
  253. Sarvatman: All-encompassing soul
  254. Saswata: Eternal
  255. Saurjyesh: Lord of the sun
  256. Shambhav: Son of Lord Shiva
  257. Sharwath: King
  258. Shashivarna: Moonlight
  259. Shashivarnam: Moon-colored
  260. Shataneek: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  261. Shetty: Chief
  262. Shivatmaj: Son of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesha)
  263. Shivsunu: Son of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesha)
  264. Shoorpakarna: Large-eared (Lord Ganesha)
  265. Shreeda: Lord of wealth
  266. Shreeja: Daughter of wealth
  267. Shreyas: Superior
  268. Shrijai: Lord of creation
  269. Shriniketh: Lord of beauty
  270. Shrinil: Lord of the blue
  271. Shubhagunakanan: Lord of good qualities (Lord Ganesha)
  272. Shwet: White
  273. Siddhidhata: Bestower of success
  274. Siddhivi: Bestower of success
  275. Sidheshwar: Lord of success
  276. Skand: Another name for Lord Muruga
  277. Sohil: Beautiful
  278. Sreenoy: Leader
  279. Sreesh: Lord of fortune
  280. Sriganesh: Lord of the Ganas
  281. Srinay: Leader
  282. Subhayu: Virtuous
  283. Sumith: Quiet
  284. Sumuk: Auspicious
  285. Sureshwaram: Lord of the gods
  286. Svojas: Powerful
  287. Swaminath: Lord of lords
  288. Swamy: Lord
  289. Swanand: Joy
  290. Swarup: Embodiment
  291. Swastik: Auspicious symbol
  292. Takashy: Lord of a sword
  293. Taksh: King
  294. Takshay: Lord of carpenters
  295. Takshesh: Lord of carpenters
  296. Tanaya: Daughter
  297. Tanush: Beautiful
  298. Tarak: Deliverer
  299. Tarun: Young
  300. Thhnush: Blessing
  301. Umpautra: Son of Goddess Uma (Lord Ganesha)
  302. Vadant: Speaking
  303. Vajasi: Lord of speech
  304. Vakrabhuja: Curved trunk (Lord Ganesha)
  305. Valda: Powerful
  306. Varad: Granter of boons
  307. Varadavinayaka: Granter of boons (Lord Ganesha)
  308. Varagnapati: Lord of the best
  309. Varaprada: Granter of wishes
  310. Varsith: Gift of God
  311. Vedansh: Part of the Vedas
  312. Vedant: End of knowledge
  313. Vibudheshvara: Lord of the wise
  314. Vidhyadhar: Possessor of knowledge
  315. Vidyavaridhi: Ocean of knowledge
  316. Vighnarajendra: King of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  317. Vinay: Modesty
  318. Vinayakam: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  319. Viratapati: Lord of the universe
  320. Vishwanetra: Eye of the universe
  321. Vishwaraja: King of the universe
  322. Visvak: Lord of the universe
  323. Visvamukh: Face of the universe
  324. Vivek: Wisdom
  325. Vratpati: Lord of rituals
  326. Vyom: Sky
  327. Wriddhish: Lord of prosperity
  328. Yashaskaram: Bestower of fame
  329. Yogadhipa: Lord of yoga
  330. Yunay: Lord of youth
  331. Yuvan: Young
  332. Aadidev: The first god
  333. Advaita: Non-duality
  334. Akhurath: One with no enemies
  335. Alampat: Eternal Lord
  336. Ambikeya: Son of Goddess Ambika (Lord Ganesha)
  337. Bhaalchandra: Young moon
  338. Bhupati: King
  339. Devavrat: Son of a god
  340. Ishanputra: Son of Lord Shiva
  341. Lambakarna: Elephant-eared (Lord Ganesha)
  342. Nitya: Eternal
  343. Shardul: Tiger
  344. Shubhan: Auspicious
  345. Uddanda: Fierce
  346. Ajit: Unconquerable
  347. Akuratha: One with no enemies
  348. Avnish: Lord of the earth
  349. Chaturbhuja: Four-armed (usually referring to a deity)
  350. Gajaanand: Elephant-like Lord
  351. Keerthi: Fame
  352. Lambodaram: Another name for Lord Ganesha
  353. Nandan: Delightful
  354. Pareen: Full of life
  355. Rakta: Red
  356. Shambhu: Lord Shiva
  357. Shoorpakarnna: Large-eared (Lord Ganesha)
  358. Sumukh: Auspicious face
  359. Swarup: Embodiment
  360. Vighnahara: Remover of obstacles (Lord Ganesha)
  361. Yashasvasin: One who brings fame
  362. Durvang: Unbreakable
  363. Ijay: Lord Vishnu
  364. Subh: Auspicious
  365. Sushank: Moon
  366. Tanay: Son
  367. Vivak: Silver
  368. Yagnesh: Lord of sacrifices
  369. Aathesh: Lord of the soul

Please note that the meanings of names can vary slightly based on cultural and regional interpretations.

Choosing the Perfect Name

When selecting a name for your baby boy, consider not only the sound and aesthetics but also the deep-rooted meanings and blessings it carries. Discuss with your family, consult with an astrologer if needed, and choose a name that resonates with your beliefs and aspirations for your child.


Naming your baby is a profound act that connects the child to their cultural and spiritual heritage. Lord Ganesha names for baby boys offer a beautiful blend of tradition, spirituality, and meaningful symbolism. May your choice of name bring wisdom, success, and blessings to your child’s life.

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