Reagan Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Are you looking for Reagan’s name meanings? Discover the meaning of the name Reagan and its origin, similar names, nicknames, variations, numerology numbers, popularity trends, and famous people with the name.

What Does Reagan Mean?

Reagan is a name that exudes power and strength. Its meaning is associated with “little ruler” or “descendant of the little king.” This interpretation reflects a sense of leadership and authority.

What Is the Origin of the Name Reagan?

The name Reagan has Irish roots and is derived from the Old Irish name “Ó Ríagáin.” The “Ó” signifies “descendant of,” and “Ríagáin” is a diminutive of “rí,” meaning “king.” Therefore, Reagan can be translated as “descendant of the little king.”

How Popular Is the Name Reagan?

Reagan has experienced a surge in popularity in recent decades. It has become a fashionable choice for both boys and girls, embodying a blend of strength and elegance that appeals to modern parents.

How Do I Pronounce Reagan?

Reagan is pronounced as “RAY-gan.” The emphasis is on the first syllable, and the name has a crisp and straightforward pronunciation.

Is Reagan a Boy or Girl Name?

Reagan is a name that is used for both boys and girls. While historically associated with males, it has become increasingly popular as a unisex name, reflecting changing trends in naming conventions.

Variations of Reagan

  1. Regan: A variant spelling that retains the same Irish origin and meaning.
  2. Raegan: A modernized spelling of Reagan with a unique twist.
  3. Reaghan: A creative variation that adds a touch of individuality.
  4. Riagan: An alternative spelling that preserves the name’s Irish roots.
  5. Raygan: A variation that emphasizes the phonetic pronunciation of the name.
  6. Reeghan: A distinctive spelling that maintains the name’s original meaning.
  7. Reigyn: A creative and modernized variation of Reagan.
  8. Rheagan: A unique twist on the name with an alternative spelling.
  9. Ragan: A simplified variant that maintains the name’s essence.
  10. Reejan: A creative and unique variation of Reagan.

Nicknames for Reagan

  1. Ray: A simple and classic nickname derived from Reagan.
  2. Rea: A short and sweet alternative for an affectionate nickname.
  3. Reggie: A friendly and familiar diminutive of Reagan.
  4. Rae: A stylish and modern nickname choice.
  5. Rags: A playful and unique nickname for a more informal touch.
  6. Ree: A simple and endearing option for close friends and family.
  7. Reezy: A trendy and contemporary nickname for Reagan.
  8. Ro: A short and spunky nickname for a touch of individuality.
  9. Riri: A cute and affectionate nickname for a more personal connection.
  10. Regal: A unique and empowering nickname reflecting the name’s meaning.

Similar Names to Reagan

  1. Riley: A unisex name with Irish origins, meaning “courageous.”
  2. Rowan: An Irish name that means “little red-haired one.”
  3. Peyton: A name with English roots, meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  4. Logan: A Scottish name that means “small hollow.”
  5. Harper: An English name with the meaning “harp player.”
  6. Morgan: A Welsh name that means “circling sea.”
  7. Quinn: An Irish name meaning “wisdom” or “chief leader.”
  8. Sullivan: An Irish name that means “dark-eyed” or “hawk-eyed.”
  9. Teagan: An Irish name meaning “attractive” or “beautiful.”
  10. Emerson: An English name meaning “son of Emery.”

Middle Names for Reagan

  1. Reagan James: A combination that blends strength and timeless charm.
  2. Grace Reagan: A name that pairs the modern with the elegant.
  3. Reagan Alexander: A name that combines Irish roots with a touch of grandeur.
  4. Emma Reagan: A name that merges classic and contemporary elements.
  5. Reagan Benjamin: A combination that exudes strength and sophistication.
  6. Olivia Reagan: A name that balances modernity with timeless beauty.
  7. Reagan William: A classic pairing that resonates with historical significance.
  8. Sophia Reagan: A name that combines strength with grace.
  9. Reagan Michael: A combination that maintains a strong and traditional appeal.
  10. Ava Reagan: A name that fuses modern style with classic elegance.

Sibling Names for Reagan

  1. Carter: A strong and unisex name that complements Reagan.
  2. Kennedy: A unisex name that pairs well with Reagan’s modern appeal.
  3. Mason: A unisex name that shares a contemporary vibe.
  4. Madison: A unisex name with a touch of elegance that pairs well with Reagan.
  5. Sawyer: A unisex name with a modern and trendy feel.
  6. Hadley: A unisex name that complements Reagan’s stylish sound.
  7. Bryce: A strong and classic name for a brother.
  8. Avery: A unisex name that resonates with Reagan’s versatility.
  9. Piper: A unisex name with a spunky and modern feel.
  10. Hayden: A unisex name that pairs well with Reagan’s contemporary appeal.

Famous People Named Reagan

  1. Ronald Reagan: The 40th President of the United States, known for his leadership and communication skills.
  2. Reagan Gomez-Preston: An American actress and voice actress known for her roles in television and film.
  3. Reagan Strange: An American singer who gained popularity on the reality show “The Voice.”
  4. Reagan Dale Neis: An American actress known for her roles in TV shows like “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.”
  5. Reagan Foxx: An American adult film actress.
  6. Reagan Pasternak: A Canadian actress known for her work in television and film.
  7. Reagan Gomez-Preston: An American actress and voice actress known for her roles in television and film.
  8. Reagan Youth: An American punk rock band formed in the early 1980s.
  9. Reagan Imhoff: An American actress known for her roles in TV shows like “Young Sheldon.”
  10. Reagan Smith: An American professional stock car racing driver.

Reagan in Popular Culture

The name Reagan has made appearances in various forms of popular culture, including movies, television shows, and literature. Its usage often reflects a character with qualities of leadership, determination, and charisma.


1. What does the name Reagan mean?

The name Reagan means “little ruler” or “descendant of the little king,” reflecting qualities of leadership.

2. Is Reagan a unisex name?

Yes, Reagan is a unisex name, although historically associated with males.

3. How do you pronounce Reagan?

Reagan is pronounced as “RAY-gan.”

4. What is the origin of the name Reagan?

The name Reagan has Irish origins, derived from the Old Irish name “Ó Ríagáin,” meaning “descendant of the little king.”

5. Is Reagan a popular name?

Yes, Reagan has gained popularity in recent years and is considered a fashionable choice for both boys and girls.


In conclusion, the name Reagan carries a rich history, versatile appeal, and a strong, charismatic essence. Its Irish roots, unisex adaptability, and presence in various aspects of popular culture make it a name that resonates with contemporary parents. Whether you are drawn to its historical significance or its modern charm, Reagan stands as a name that embodies strength, leadership, and enduring style.