15+ Best Universities in Austria

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Are you looking for the best universities in Austria, then you are at the right place. Here you can find a list of the top and most popular 15+ universities in Austria.

Austria’s University Rankings 2021-22

Here is the list of Top Universities in Austria in 2021-22

World Rank University Country National Rank Score
207 University of Vienna Austria 1 78.5
295 Medical University of Vienna Austria 2 76.8
375 University of Innsbruck Austria 3 75.6
406 Vienna University of Technology Austria 4 75.2
545 Medical University of Innsbruck Austria 5 73.7
561 Medical University of Graz Austria 6 73.5
563 University of Graz Austria 7 73.5
783 University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna Austria 8 71.7
828 Graz University of Technology Austria 9 71.3
926 Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria 10 70.7
1070 University of Salzburg Austria 11 69.8
1081 Paracelsus Medical University Austria 12 69.8
1104 University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Austria 13 69.6
1112 Institute of Science and Technology Austria Austria 14 69.6
1517 Vienna University of Economics and Business Austria 15 67.6
1642 University of Leoben Austria 16 67.1
1974 Danube University Krems Austria 17 65.8

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