Liliana Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Are you looking for the Liliana’s name meanings? Discover the meaning of the name Liliana and its origin, similar names, nicknames, variations, numerology numbers, popularity trends, and famous people with the name.

What Does Liliana Mean?

Liliana means “pure” or “innocent,” often associated with beauty and purity.

What Is the Origin of the Name Liliana?

The name Liliana is of Latin origin, derived from the elements “lilium,” meaning “lily,” and the suffix “-ana,” indicating “grace” or “favor.”

How Popular Is the Name Liliana?

Liliana has steadily risen in popularity, admired for its elegance and association with purity and grace.

How Do I Pronounce Liliana?

The name Liliana is pronounced as “lil-ee-AH-nuh.”

Is Liliana a Boy or Girl Name?

Liliana is primarily used as a girl’s name, celebrated for its beauty and graceful connotations.

Variations of Liliana

  1. Liliane: A variant meaning “pure” or “innocent.”
  2. Lily: A shorter form derived from the flower’s name.
  3. Lilith: A name associated with night and storms.
  4. Lillian: A name meaning “pure” or “beauty.”
  5. Lilianna: A variation of Liliana, signifying purity.
  6. Lillia: A name associated with the lily flower.
  7. Liliosa: A name meaning “lily” and “innocence.”
  8. Liliane: A French variant of the name, also meaning “pure.”
  9. Lilika: A name meaning “flower” and “beauty.”
  10. Lili: A shorter and affectionate form of Liliana.

Nicknames for Liliana

  1. Lily: A simple and elegant diminutive.
  2. Ana: A classic and concise diminutive.
  3. Lia: A stylish and trendy diminutive.
  4. Lila: A sweet and endearing diminutive.
  5. Nia: A short and catchy diminutive.
  6. Lilu: A playful and affectionate diminutive.
  7. Lian: A modern and unique diminutive.
  8. Lili: A short and fashionable diminutive.
  9. Lily-Bee: A cute and charming diminutive.
  10. Liliana Rae: A combination and endearing diminutive.

Similar Names to Liliana

  1. Eliana: A name meaning “my God has answered.”
  2. Viviana: A name signifying “alive” and “lively.”
  3. Juliana: A name meaning “youthful” and “downy-bearded.”
  4. Ariana: A name associated with “most holy.”
  5. Emilia: A name meaning “rival” or “industrious.”
  6. Luciana: A name meaning “light” or “illumination.”
  7. Serena: A name associated with “serene” and “calm.”
  8. Aurelia: A name meaning “golden” and “gilded.”
  9. Isabella: A name meaning “pledged to God.”
  10. Natalia: A name signifying “born on Christmas day.”

Middle Names for Liliana

  1. Liliana Mae: Mae means “pearl” and signifies purity.
  2. Liliana Rose: Rose signifies love and beauty.
  3. Liliana Grace: Grace signifies elegance and divine favor.
  4. Liliana Faith: Faith signifies trust and belief.
  5. Liliana Jade: Jade symbolizes wisdom and tranquility.
  6. Liliana Sky: Sky represents openness and vastness.
  7. Liliana Hope: Hope signifies optimism and belief.
  8. Liliana Belle: Belle denotes beauty and grace.
  9. Liliana Joy: Joy represents happiness and delight.
  10. Liliana Pearl: Pearl signifies purity and innocence.

Sibling Names for Liliana

For Sisters:

  1. Valentina: A name meaning “strong” and “healthy.”
  2. Alessandra: A name meaning “defending men.”
  3. Seraphina: A name meaning “burning one.”
  4. Isabella: A name meaning “pledged to God.”
  5. Celestina: A name meaning “heavenly.”
  6. Gabriella: A name meaning “God is my strength.”
  7. Felicity: A name meaning “happiness” and “good fortune.”
  8. Savannah: A name associated with a grassy plain.
  9. Penelope: A name meaning “weaver.”
  10. Evangeline: A name meaning “bearer of good news.”

For Brothers:

  1. Sebastian: A name meaning “venerable” and “revered.”
  2. Dominic: A name meaning “belonging to the Lord.”
  3. Leonardo: A name meaning “brave lion.”
  4. Matteo: A name meaning “gift of God.”
  5. Damian: A name meaning “to tame” or “subdue.”
  6. Emmanuel: A name meaning “God is with us.”
  7. Raphael: A name meaning “God has healed.”
  8. Giovanni: A name meaning “God is gracious.”
  9. Nathaniel: A name meaning “gift of God.”
  10. Alexander: A name meaning “defender of the people.”

Famous People Named Liliana

  1. Liliana Mumy: An American actress known for her roles in TV and film.
  2. Liliana Komorowska: A Canadian actress and producer.
  3. Liliana Cavani: An Italian director and screenwriter.
  4. Liliana Nova: A German-Swiss model and actress.
  5. Liliana Guerrero: A Colombian television presenter and actress.
  6. Liliana Reyes: A Mexican actress and singer.
  7. Liliana Mendiola: An Argentine writer and poet.
  8. Liliana Lozano: A Colombian model and TV personality.
  9. Liliana Ojeda: A Paraguayan actress and singer.
  10. Liliana Abud: A Mexican actress and screenwriter.

Liliana in Popular Culture

While not extensively used, Liliana has appeared in various literary works and films, often depicting characters associated with beauty, grace, and purity.


1. What does the name Liliana mean?

Liliana means “pure” or “innocent,” often associated with beauty and purity.

2. How popular is the name Liliana?

Liliana has steadily risen in popularity, admired for its elegance and association with purity and grace.

3. Are there variations of the name Liliana?

Variations of Liliana include Lilianna, Lillia, and Lila, all signifying purity.

4. What are suitable sibling names for Liliana?

Sibling names for Liliana include Alessandra, Valentina, Sebastian, and Dominic.

5. Are there famous people named Liliana?

Famous individuals named Liliana include actresses, directors, models, and writers.


Liliana, derived from the Latin “lilium” meaning “lily” and the suffix “-ana,” embodies purity and grace. Its increasing popularity, diverse variations, and elegant sound make it a name embraced by parents seeking beauty and purity for their daughters. With a range of variations, sibling names, and a presence in popular culture, Liliana stands as a name symbolizing beauty and purity, embodying elegance and grace.