Mila Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Mila Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

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What Does Mila Mean?

Mila is a name that exudes elegance and grace. It carries a charm that has been cherished by parents around the world.

What Is the Origin of the Name Mila?

The name Mila finds its roots in multiple cultures. It is of Slavic origin, where it means “gracious” or “dear.” In Spanish and Portuguese, Mila is a short form of Camila, meaning “young ceremonial attendant.”

How Popular Is the Name Mila?

Mila has been steadily climbing the popularity charts in recent years. Its simplicity, yet sophistication, has made it a favorite among parents seeking a timeless name.

How Do I Pronounce Mila?

Mila is pronounced as “MEE-lah,” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

Is Mila a Boy or Girl Name?

Mila is predominantly used as a feminine name, reflecting qualities of elegance and beauty.

Variations of Mila

Variation Meaning
Milla A Finnish take on Mila
Milena Full name derived from Mila
Amelia Work of beauty
Camila Young ceremonial attendant
Emilia Rival, eager
Milica Variation in Slavic languages
Milagros Miracles
Milou Cute and chic
Ludmila People’s favor
Carmela Garden

Nicknames for Mila

Nickname Meaning
Mimi Sweet and endearing
Milly Playful and friendly
Mia Mine, beloved
Lila Symbol of purity and beauty
Mils Simplified and affectionate
Elle Short and chic
Millie Vintage charm
Lia Delicate and gentle
Mel Short and melodious
Mil Simplified and modern

Similar Names to Mila

Similar Name Meaning
Ava Life, living one
Nora Light
Lily Symbol of purity and beauty
Isla Island
Sofia Wisdom, insight
Ella Beautiful fairy
Aria Melody, song
Mia Mine, beloved
Emilia Rival, eager
Scarlett Bright red

Middle Names for Mila

Middle Name Meaning
Grace Elegance and refinement
Rose Symbol of love and beauty
Marie Wished-for child
Elizabeth Pledged to God
Jane God is gracious
Claire Clear, bright
Harper Harp player
Noelle Christmas
Skye Ethereal and serene
Quinn Wise

Sibling Names for Mila

Sibling Name Meaning
Leo Lion
Ava Life, living one
Luna Moon
Noah Rest, comfort
Ella Beautiful fairy
Liam Strong-willed warrior
Chloe Blooming
Mia Mine, beloved
Isla Island
Ethan Strong, firm

Famous People Named Mila

Famous Mila Profession
Mila Kunis Actress
Mila Jovovich Actress, Model
Mila Mason Country Singer
Mila Mulroney Former First Lady of Canada
Mila Parély French Actress
Mila Malzahn Professional Golfer
Mila Brener Actress
Mila Fürstová Czech Artist
Mila Vainio Finnish Ski Orienteer
Mila Cahue Blogger, Influencer

Mila in Popular Culture

Mila’s popularity has extended to various cultural realms. It’s a name that symbolizes both beauty and strength.


1. What does the name Mila mean?

Mila signifies elegance and grace.

2. Is Mila a common name?

Yes, Mila has been growing in popularity as a name choice for girls.

3. How is Mila pronounced?

Mila is pronounced as “MEE-lah,” with emphasis on the first syllable.

4. Is Mila used for boys or girls?

Mila is predominantly used as a feminine name.

5. Who are some famous individuals named Mila?

Famous individuals named Mila include actress Mila Kunis and model Mila Jovovich.


Mila, with its timeless elegance and simplicity, has secured its place as a beloved name among parents seeking a name that reflects beauty and charm.