Layla Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

Layla Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity and Nicknames

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What Does Layla Mean?

Layla encapsulates elegance, beauty, and mystery. This name has a captivating aura that has been cherished across cultures.

What Is the Origin of the Name Layla?

The name Layla traces its roots back to Arabic origin, where it means “night.” This name is also associated with the famous love story of Layla and Majnun in Arabian literature.

How Popular Is the Name Layla?

Layla has become a name that resonates with parents worldwide. Its timeless charm and enchanting sound contribute to its enduring popularity.

How Do I Pronounce Layla?

Layla is pronounced as “LAY-lah,” with emphasis on the first syllable.

Is Layla a Boy or Girl Name?

Layla is predominantly used as a feminine name, reflecting qualities of beauty, grace, and allure.

Variations of Layla

Variation Meaning
Leila Persian variant of Layla
Laila Another spelling of Layla
Leyla Turkish twist on Layla
Leela Sanskrit name meaning “play”
Lila Short and sweet variation
Lyla Simplified form of Layla
Leylah Unique and modern
Laylah Variation with a different flair
Laela Unique and contemporary
Leilah Trendy and stylish

Nicknames for Layla

Nickname Meaning
Lala Playful and endearing
Lee Short and simple
Lay Abbreviated and familiar
Lulu Fun and affectionate
LeyLey Sweet and playful
Lea Gentle and charming
Lolly Lively and joyful
LayLay Cute and endearing
Leila A nod to the Persian variation
Lila Resonates with a German variation

Similar Names to Layla

Similar Name Meaning
Ayla Moonlight
Luna Moon
Zara Princess
Ava Life, living one
Maya Illusion
Sophia Wisdom, insight
Leila Night
Lily Symbol of purity and beauty
Aria Melody, song
Eliana God has answered

Middle Names for Layla

Middle Name Meaning
Grace Elegance and refinement
Marie Wished-for child
Rose Symbol of love and beauty
Sophia Wisdom, insight
Elizabeth Pledged to God
Jane God is gracious
Willow Graceful and slender
Pearl Precious gemstone
Mae Pearl, precious and pure
Victoria Victory, triumphant

Sibling Names for Layla

Sibling Name Meaning
Elijah Yahweh is God
Ava Life, living one
Mia Mine, beloved
Liam Strong-willed warrior
Zara Princess
Aiden Little fire
Isabella Devoted to God, beauty
Sophia Wisdom, insight
Caleb Devotion to God
Lily Symbol of purity and beauty

Famous People Named Layla

Famous Layla Profession
Layla El Professional Wrestler
Layla Moran British Politician
Layla London Adult Film Actress
Layla Kiffin American Actress
Layla Alizada Actress, Producer
Layla Abd El Latif Egyptian Actress
Layla Crawford Actress, Singer
Layla Louise YouTube Star
Layla Johnson Reality TV Personality
Layla N. AbdelRahim Anthropologist

Layla in Popular Culture

Layla has inspired art, literature, and music. Notably, the song “Layla” by Eric Clapton has contributed to its cultural prominence.


1. What does the name Layla mean?

Layla signifies beauty, elegance, and mystery.

2. Is Layla a popular name?

Yes, Layla remains a widely embraced name choice for parents.

3. How is Layla pronounced?

Layla is pronounced as “LAY-lah,” with emphasis on the first syllable.

4. Is Layla used for boys or girls?

Layla is primarily used as a feminine name.

5. Who are some famous individuals named Layla?

Famous individuals named Layla include professional wrestler Layla El and British politician Layla Moran.


Layla, with its captivating elegance and enigmatic allure, remains a timeless choice for parents seeking a name that encapsulates both beauty and mystery.