List of Governors of North Dakota

Governors of North Dakota

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Are you looking for the Governors of North Dakota? Here is the list of all the Governors of North Dakota from beginning to present with their tenure and respective political party name.

North Dakota Governors List

Here is a list of governors of the US state of Governors of North Dakota by Party Name and Tenure Periods.

Sr. No. Governor Name
Term Start Term End Party
1 John Miller 20 November 1889 7 January 1891 Republican
2 Andrew H. Burke 7 January 1891 3 January 1893 Republican
3 Eli C. D. Shortridge 3 January 1893 10 January 1895 Democratic-Independent
4 Roger Allin 10 January 1895 6 January 1897 Republican
5 Frank A. Briggs 6 January 1897 15 August 1898 Republican
6 Joseph M. Devine 15 August 1898 3 January 1899 Republican
7 Frederick B. Fancher 3 January 1899 10-Jan-01 Republican
8 Frank White 10-Jan-01 04-Jan-05 Republican
9 Elmore Y. Sarles 04-Jan-05 09-Jan-07 Republican
10 John Burke 09-Jan-07 08-Jan-13 Democratic
11 L. B. Hanna 08-Jan-13 03-Jan-17 Republican
12 Lynn Frazier 03-Jan-17 23-Nov-21 Republican/NPL
13 Ragnvald A. Nestos 23-Nov-21 07-Jan-25 Republican/IVA
14 Arthur G. Sorlie 07-Jan-25 28-Aug-28 Republican/NPL
15 Walter Maddock 28-Aug-28 09-Jan-29 Republican/NPL
16 George F. Shafer 09-Jan-29 31-Dec-32 Republican/IVA
17 William Langer 31-Dec-32 21-Jun-34 Republican/NPL
18 Ole H. Olson 21-Jun-34 07-Jan-35 Republican/NPL
19 Thomas H. Moodie 07-Jan-35 02-Feb-35 Democratic
20 Walter Welford 02-Feb-35 06-Jan-37 Republican/NPL
21 William Langer 06-Jan-37 05-Jan-39 Republican/NPL
22 John Moses 05-Jan-39 04-Jan-45 Democratic
23 Fred George Aandahl 04-Jan-45 03-Jan-51 Republican
24 Clarence Norman Brunsdale 03-Jan-51 09-Jan-57 Republican
25 John E. Davis 09-Jan-57 04-Jan-61 Republican
26 William L. Guy 04-Jan-61 02-Jan-73 Democratic-NPL
27 Arthur A. Link 02-Jan-73 06-Jan-81 Democratic-NPL
28 Allen I. Olson 06-Jan-81 01-Jan-85 Republican
29 George A. Sinner 01-Jan-85 15-Dec-92 Democratic-NPL
30 Ed Schafer 15-Dec-92 15-Dec-00 Republican
31 John Hoeven 15-Dec-00 07-Dec-10 Republican
32 Jack Dalrymple 07-Dec-10 15-Dec-16 Republican
33 Doug Burgum 15-Dec-16 Incumbent Republican

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