List of Governors of Oregon

Governors of Oregon

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Are you looking for the Governors of Oregon? Here is the list of all the Governors of Oregon from beginning to present with their tenure and respective political party name.

Oregon Governors List

Here is a list of governors of the US state of Governors of Oregon by Party Name and Tenure Periods.

Sr. No. Governor Name
Term Start Term End Party
1 John Whiteaker 3 March 1859 10 September 1862 Democratic
2 A. C. Gibbs 10 September 1862 12 September 1866 Republican
3 George L. Woods 12 September 1866 14 September 1870 Republican
4 La Fayette Grover 14 September 1870 1 February 1877 Democratic
5 Stephen F. Chadwick 1 February 1877 11 September 1878 Democratic
6 W. W. Thayer 11 September 1878 13 September 1882 Democratic
7 Z. F. Moody 13 September 1882 12 January 1887 Republican
8 Sylvester Pennoyer 12 January 1887 14 January 1895 Democratic
9 William Paine Lord 14 January 1895 9 January 1899 Republican
10 T. T. Geer 9 January 1899 15-Jan-03 Republican
11 George Chamberlain 15-Jan-03 01-Mar-09 Democratic
12 Frank W. Benson 01-Mar-09 17-Jun-10 Republican
13 Jay Bowerman 17-Jun-10 11-Jan-11 Republican
14 Oswald West 11-Jan-11 12-Jan-15 Democratic
15 James Withycombe 12-Jan-15 03-Mar-19 Republican
16 Ben W. Olcott 03-Mar-19 08-Jan-23 Republican
17 Walter M. Pierce 08-Jan-23 10-Jan-27 Democratic
18 I. L. Patterson 10-Jan-27 22-Dec-29 Republican
19 A. W. Norblad 22-Dec-29 12-Jan-31 Republican
20 Julius L. Meier 12-Jan-31 14-Jan-35 Independent
21 Charles H. Martin 14-Jan-35 09-Jan-39 Democratic
22 Charles A. Sprague 09-Jan-39 11-Jan-43 Republican
23 Earl Snell 11-Jan-43 30-Oct-47 Republican
24 John H. Hall 30-Oct-47 10-Jan-49 Republican
25 Douglas McKay 10-Jan-49 17-Dec-52 Republican
26 Paul L. Patterson 27-Dec-52 01-Feb-56 Republican
27 Elmo Smith 01-Feb-56 14-Jan-57 Republican
28 Robert D. Holmes 14-Jan-57 12-Jan-59 Democratic
29 Mark Hatfield 12-Jan-59 09-Jan-67 Republican
30 Tom McCall 09-Jan-67 13-Jan-75 Republican
31 Robert W. Straub 13-Jan-75 08-Jan-79 Democratic
32 Victor G. Atiyeh 08-Jan-79 12-Jan-87 Republican
33 Neil Goldschmidt 12-Jan-87 14-Jan-91 Democratic
34 Barbara Roberts 14-Jan-91 09-Jan-95 Democratic
35 John Kitzhaber 09-Jan-95 13-Jan-03 Democratic
36 Ted Kulongoski 13-Jan-03 10-Jan-11 Democratic
37 John Kitzhaber 10-Jan-11 18-Feb-17 Democratic
38 Kate Brown 18-Feb-17 Incumbent Democratic

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