List of Governors of South Dakota

Governors of South Dakota

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Are you looking for the Governors of South Dakota? Here is the list of all the Governors of South Dakota from beginning to present with their tenure and respective political party name.

South Dakota Governors List

Here is a list of governors of the US state of Governors of South Dakota by Party Name and Tenure Periods.

Sr. No. Governor Name
Term Start Term End Party
1 Arthur C. Mellette 22 March 1889 3 January 1893 Republican
2 Charles H. Sheldon 3 January 1893 1 January 1897 Republican
3 Andrew E. Lee 1 January 1897 08-Jan-01 Populist
4 Charles N. Herreid 08-Jan-01 03-Jan-05 Republican
5 Samuel H. Elrod 03-Jan-05 08-Jan-07 Republican
6 Coe I. Crawford 08-Jan-07 05-Jan-09 Republican
7 Robert S. Vessey 05-Jan-09 07-Jan-13 Republican
8 Frank M. Byrne 07-Jan-13 02-Jan-17 Republican
9 Peter Norbeck 02-Jan-17 04-Jan-21 Republican
10 William H. McMaster 04-Jan-21 06-Jan-25 Republican
11 Carl Gunderson 06-Jan-25 04-Jan-27 Republican
12 William J. Bulow 04-Jan-27 06-Jan-31 Democratic
13 Warren Green 06-Jan-31 03-Jan-33 Republican
14 Tom Berry 03-Jan-33 05-Jan-37 Democratic
15 Leslie Jensen 05-Jan-37 03-Jan-39 Republican
16 Harlan J. Bushfield 03-Jan-39 05-Jan-43 Republican
17 Merrill Q. Sharpe 05-Jan-43 07-Jan-47 Republican
18 George T. Mickelson 07-Jan-47 02-Jan-51 Republican
19 Sigurd Anderson 02-Jan-51 04-Jan-55 Republican
20 Joe Foss 04-Jan-55 06-Jan-59 Republican
21 Ralph Herseth 06-Jan-59 03-Jan-61 Democratic
22 Archie M. Gubbrud 03-Jan-61 05-Jan-65 Republican
23 Nils Boe 05-Jan-65 07-Jan-69 Republican
24 Frank Farrar 07-Jan-69 05-Jan-71 Republican
25 Richard F. Kneip 05-Jan-71 24-Jul-78 Democratic
26 Harvey L. Wollman 24-Jul-78 01-Jan-79 Democratic
27 William J. Janklow 01-Jan-79 06-Jan-87 Republican
28 George S. Mickelson 06-Jan-87 19-Apr-93 Republican
29 Walter Dale Miller 19-Apr-93 07-Jan-95 Republican
30 William J. Janklow 07-Jan-95 07-Jan-03 Republican
31 M. Michael Rounds 07-Jan-03 08-Jan-11 Republican
32 Dennis Daugaard 08-Jan-11 05-Jan-19 Republican
33 Kristi Noem 05-Jan-19 Incumbent Republican

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